Connecticut Weed Laws

Pot-loving Connecticuters were thrilled on July 1, 2021, when Connecticut cannabis legalization went into effect for recreational use. This meant adults 21 years and older were allowed to possess up to 1.5 ounces of the good stuff with no fear of any legal ramifications. Which is awesome. That said, Connecticut weed laws state that residents are still not free to grow their own supply unless they are medical marijuana patients, and that is not changing until July 2023. There are 14 Connecticut marijuana license types, but no recreational dispensaries have opened yet, and none are expected to until the end of 2022. Hopefully, cannabis delivery services will launch at that same time. So while it may not be easy yet to obtain weed in Connecticut, you are now allowed to possess it — that’s progress. Now that you can have it and it’s currently challenging to acquire, you may need to make it last longer. How do you keep cannabis fresh and protected? For the solution to cannabis storage in Connecticut, those in the know choose the smartest, “no thinking required” cannabis containers — those in the know choose CVaults and EVaults from FreshStor.

CVault: Cannabis Storage in Connecticut

With all the time you’ve spent, the money you’ve spent and the energy you’ve expended finding the perfect strain of marijuana to suit your needs, you don’t want to waste it by not properly containing it. Keeping it in the original container or transferring it into a Mason jar or plastic baggie just ain’t gonna cut it. If you don’t properly protect your pot from exposure to the elements, such as light, air and moisture, you will end up with crumbly buds from excessive dryness or spongy buds from excessive humidity. Yikes. Who wants to smoke that? And there’s no need to! Not when you can keep your green in a perfectly controlled environment by putting it in a CVault.

Every CVault from FreshStor is constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel and uses silicone gaskets and a secure closing system to ensure long-lasting flavor and freshness for whatever you place inside it. And this, combined with the Boveda humidity-pack that is included with every CVault purchase, means that when you give yourself the gift of a CVault, you are protecting your investment by using the most reliable cannabis storage system on the market today.

No need to settle for anything less when CVaults are so reasonably priced — especially when you consider that they can last for years on end because they are so well made. Easy to clean and maintain, attractive and available in a wide variety of sizes, get yourself a CVault (or two) and treat yourself to the ultimate in cannabis storage and protection.

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CVault Home Grow Kits: Cannabis Cultivation in Connecticut

CT weed laws allowed the first applications for cannabis licenses to begin on February 3, 2022. There are 14 different Connecticut marijuana license categories that cover everything from growing, manufacturing, delivery and transportation, to sales. If you have plans to turn your love of weed in Connecticut into a business, then protecting your investment is of the utmost importance. Don’t allow your precious product to fall victim to the natural elements like humidity, air, light and heat that can quickly turn what you’ve worked so hard to produce into tasteless, aroma-less, ineffective garbage.

Connecticut cannabis legalization is opening doors for cultivators big and small, and FreshStor has a combo kit perfect for your needs. If you’re planning to apply for a Connecticut marijuana license, check out the ultimate Connecticut cannabis storage solution, with solid 304 food-grade stainless steel construction and the ultimate in air-tight seals, to protect the weed in Connecticut you’ve worked so hard to create. You deserve the best — and the CVault home grow kits are exactly that. No thinking required.

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EVault: Cannabis Extract Storage in Connecticut

If you are a Nutmegger who plans to produce cannabis extracts for yourself, as a trade or obtain a Connecticut marijuana license and start your own brand, check out the EVault from FreshStor. FreshStor created the EVault for safe and sanitary storage of plant-extracted oils, distillates, isolates and powders. The EVault was specially designed to take all of the guesswork out of extract storage. The EVault makes spillage practically impossible while retaining terpenes, potency and weight for the ultimate in cannabis extract storage.

Still constructed from 316 stainless steel, the newly redesigned EVault now has increased thickness, a seamless interior, a Silicone seal and nesting capability for cheaper shipping to you and more efficient storage. At a price point far less than you might expect given its durability, an EVault is one of the smartest investments you can make as it provides peace of mind that your valuable extracted plant material is safe and secure. Don’t settle for imitators. Get the original. Get the best. Get an EVault today and be ready for Connecticut cannabis legalization and licensing.

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CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in Connecticut

Want the finest in cannabis protection and storage while you’re on the go — in the state that’s hard to spell but really swell? Get yourself a new CVault “twist”! It’s the same heavy-duty high quality as the original CVault but in a smaller and easier to transport size.

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, the new “twist” design features a 3-nub twisting closure and an angled holder for the included Boveda humidity pack. No one can see what you’re carrying, no one can smell what you’re carrying, making it the ultimate in discreet cannabis transportation. In 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz size, it’s a perfect fit for your pocket or purse. With the changing Connecticut weed laws and the CVault “twist”, there is no longer any need to be without the green that you love, wherever you go.

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