The History of Texas Cannabis Laws

Is cannabis legal in Texas? Not exactly. Let’s start with the history of cannabis, then take a look at Texas cannabis laws for both medicinal and recreational cannabis and hemp. And while we’re at it, we’ll share the best cannabis storage in Texas and the best hemp storage in Texas. Let’s go!

Evidence shows that cannabis was first domesticated around 12,000 years ago during the Neolithic period in East Asia. As far as the United States is concerned, our Founding Fathers were huge fans of the hemp plant — so much so that in 1619, Virginia passed a law requiring hemp to be grown on every farm in the colony because the government was trying to encourage American production of hemp for things like rope, sails and clothing. As far as marijuana is concerned, it was a main component of many medicines and tinctures and sold openly in pharmacies.

The negativity towards cannabis really only started in the early 1900s. In 1906, Washington, D.C. began requiring prescriptions for cannabis drugs, and then in 1915, Texas became the originating spot of cannabis prohibition. Being that it was the Great Depression, all of the massive unemployment increased the fear and resentment towards Mexican immigrants — who were in the cultural practice of using cannabis as medicine — so the anger towards Mexicans was filtered into an anger towards cannabis. Prohibition had just been repealed and straight-laced bureaucrats needed a new enemy to fight, so alcohol was in and marijuana was out. By 1933, 29 states had criminalized cannabis, and by 1937 The Marihuana Tax Act was enacted effectively prohibiting cannabis at the federal level. Things peaked in 1970 under President Nixon with the enactment of The Controlled Substances Act when cannabis was determined to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use, thereby prohibiting the use of cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

Young people in the United States today would never believe it — what with cannabis products available all over the place and marijuana legalization sweeping the nation. Since 2012, 18 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use and 38 states have legalized medical marijuana. Texas cannabis laws make the complete removal of prohibition difficult if not darn near impossible as the Texas Constitution doesn’t allow for voter referendum. That means that any changes to the law are required to go through the lengthy legislative process. This makes the subject of cannabis and Texas quite a confusing one, leaving many people scratching their heads wondering, “Is cannabis legal in Texas?” The answer federally is still no. But with the signing of HB 1535 into law on June 15, 2021, by Gov. Abbott, as of Sept. 1, legislation did expand the medical conditions that allow for legal Texas cannabis use.

Previously, Texas cannabis laws only allowed the use of medicinal marijuana for PTSD sufferers who were veterans, but HB 1535 will expand the legalized list of conditions to include everyone suffering with PTSD and also include patients with all forms of cancer. The newly updated law will also allow Texas legalized cannabis for patients with epilepsy, seizure disorders, MS, ALS, spasticity, autism, incurable neurodegenerative diseases and medical conditions approved for research programs. This means that a lot more Texas residents who have been suffering will have access to the potential benefits of cannabis.


Cannabis Storage in Texas

Unfortunately, Texas does not allow marijuana products to be smoked as part of their legalized medicinal cannabis program. That’s a shame, because cannabis storage in Texas is exactly what a CVault is designed to do. But the same is also true for hemp storage in Texas! Made with quality stainless steel construction, the CVault protects everything placed within it from exposure to air, light and moisture, guarantees freshness, and exponentially increases product shelf-life. Thanks to the use of reliable latches and the included Boveda humidity pack, the CVault is the best choice for hemp storage in Texas and more! Safely maintain the quality of any herbs, flower or tea. You can feel safe and secure that CVault is truly the best “No Thinking Required” storage system — and it is available in a wide variety of sizes for whatever your need.

EVault: Cannabis Extract Storage in Texas

FreshStor revolutionized the cannabis storage industry with its incomparable CVault — then followed that up with its one-of-a-kind EVault, the finest storage available for plant extracts. Manufactured with 316 pharma-grade steel, the EVault is incredibly easy to clean, has a wide-mouth design and a reliable seal, making spillage virtually impossible. Texas’s Compassionate Use Program does allow for the use of low-dose THC tinctures to be used for medicinal use when deemed necessary for suffering patients. That means there is a need for cannabis extractors in Texas. If you are producing THC tinctures in Texas, you need to try an EVault. The EVault is the ultimate means of secure and sanitary storage for cannabis oil, distillate, isolate, kief and more. EVaults are designed to minimize excess light and moisture. EVaults are available in a range of sizes, removing any uncertainty from storage, packaging and transportation.

CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in Montana

Lovers of hemp and Delta 8 flower in The Long Star state need a container that is discreet and travels well. The new CVault “twist” from FreshStor is the perfect container that protects your flower in a smaller and easy-to-transport size.

With the same 304 stainless steel construction and a new three-nub twisting closure system, this evolution in cannabis storage comes in quarter-ounce and half-ounce sizes, with an angled holder for the included Boveda pack for humidity protection and freshness, and a thick silicone gasket for an tight seal that ensures no one is the wiser. Get better flavor and longer life with a CVault “twist”.

small twist side top

Is cannabis legal in Texas?

Is cannabis legal in Texas? Will it ever be? While Senate Leader and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is opposed to anything that could lead to recreational legalization, many citizens of the Lone Star State already show their support for Texas legalization of cannabis and favorable things continue to happen within the industry. So while you may not be able to use your FreshStor CVault for legal cannabis storage in Texas yet, you can most certainly use it for hemp storage in Texas, and for your Delta 8, and for secure and discreet storage of any other product you want to keep safe and protected.

When you purchase a CVault or EVault from the FreshStor website, you are getting a premium storage container that has the potential to last for decades, for far less than you might expect, shipped quickly and easily right to your front door. One day maybe the great state of Texas will have cannabis reform and come around to knowing what most of the U.S. already does, that cannabis can work wonders for health and wellness. Whether you are in Austin or Dallas, El Paso or Plano, get ready for that day with a CVault or EVault of your very own. CVault from FreshStor — nothing else even comes close.

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