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CVault: Cannabis Storage in New York

For over a decade, FreshStor has sought to be the No. 1 choice when consumers or distributors need a solution for storing their cannabis flower or extract. The proprietary containers available from FreshStor are truly one of a kind when it comes to quality, durability, and ease of use. New York legalization is taking cannabis out of the closet and opening new opportunities and loads of options. Whether you choose from the CVault or EVault line for cannabis storage in NY, you can rest easy knowing your legalized weed in New York protected from light, air and excess moisture by the highest quality stainless steel and secure latches.

Using a FreshStor product is a smart way to protect your investment and ensure long-lasting flavor and freshness. Don’t be fooled by imitator’s claims — no other product can even come close. When you want the ultimate cannabis storage solution, no need to look any further than the FreshStor website. There are a wide variety of sizes and combos to choose from, and purchases can be made 24/7 and delivered directly to your door in any of the five boroughs. You’ll be surprised at how reasonable the prices are given the long-lasting reliability of what you’re getting, and shipping is always free on orders of $100 or more. FreshStor provides the optimal way to store New York Cannabis — No thinking required!

cvault storage containers | New York Legalization

New York Legalization

As the 15th of the United States to allow for the sale of marijuana for recreational use, residents of the Big Apple will soon have a myriad of places to choose from when buying their legalized weed in New York. But once you’ve bought it, then what? Buying high-quality pot is one thing, but how do you then keep that investment at its peak when it comes to potency and flavor? Storing it in the original packaging you got from the dispensary is no bueno. If you want to maintain the premium look, smell and terpene quality of those beautiful buds, you’re gonna want to get yourself a CVault.

The solid stainless steel construction of a CVault is specifically designed to protect your pot from exposure to air, light and moisture — and each CVault purchase includes a Boveda humidity pack for dramatically increased shelf-life. CVaults are simple to clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent, and prices are incredibly reasonable given how fantastically they work. You can get your CVault in a size that stores anywhere between a quarter-ounce to a whopping 5 pounds and have it delivered right to your door with a simple click of your mouse or tap on your phone. CVaults from FreshStor — the ultimate curing and storage container. No thinking required!

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EVault: Extract Storage in New York

Whether you reside in The Bronx or Brooklyn, Staten Island or Queens — even if you call Manhattan your home — if you are in New York and you want to provide the perfect secure and sanitary environment for any and all plant-extracted oils, distillates, isolates or powders, the best choice you can make is to get yourself an EVault. When you make use of the proper storage system for your extracts, the potency, weight and terpenes are retained for far longer than what you’re used to or would normally expect.

Since FreshStor knows that the material your container is made from is every bit as important as the strain and potency you’ve so carefully chosen, our EVaults are constructed from only the finest in 316 stainless steel. With quality craftsmanship and a super secure latching system, the EVault takes all the uncertainty out of product packaging and transportation.

In a range of sizes from 2 liters to 6, EVaults are designed to minimize excess light and moisture, making it the absolutely best choice for New Yorkers looking for a superior cannabis extract storage system. Placing an order and having it delivered to you couldn’t be easier, so don’t waste your precious time or valuable extract with anything else — get yourself an EVault of your very own today and experience the difference for yourself.

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Cannabis Storage in New York

Since New York legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use, the cannabis industry has expanded exponentially. For NY cultivators looking to create a premium product that can outshine the competition, getting a CVault for curing is the smartest purchase that money can buy. For the finest flavor profile and the smoothest smoking experience, you need to take those beautiful buds that you’ve spent so much time and effort growing and place them into a humidity controlled environment — and that’s just what you get with CVault.

Mason jars or other storage methods are an inferior choice for cannabis storage in NY because by choosing to use a CVault, you receive a container made of durable stainless steel that prevents light, a reliable seal that prevents air, and you achieve uniformity in every batch because of the perfectly controlled environment. And with sizes that can hold up to 50L for commercial operations, why would you choose anything else?

Using a CVault prevents issues with mold and overdrying. It takes that seed you so carefully chose, and plant that you so carefully cultivated, and turns it into a finished smokable product that is hard to beat. And then that same curing container is also perfect for storage.

No matter the size of your operation, from personal user to large commercial cultivator, FreshStor has the perfect CVault just for you. In a variety of sizes and bundles to fit every budget, CVault is the world’s smartest curing and storage container for cannabis storage in NY and the wisest investment you can make.

cvault storage containers | legalized weed in New York

New York Legalization | Legalized Weed in New York | Cannabis Storage in NY

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