Cannabis Storage in Michigan

With evolving laws and an increase in demand for weed, cannabis storage in Michigan has become top of mind for various businesses. From cultivators that need containers for storing and curing cannabis in Michigan in large capacities to dispensaries for packaging products to consumers who desire cannabis curing and longer shelf life, CVault solves weed storage problems.

Cannabis Storage in Michigan

As a cultivator, your business depends on the quality of your cannabis. After spending months perfecting your product — from seed to harvest — something as simple as curing it shouldn’t be the point where your quality is compromised. The 304 food-grade stainless steel protects and helps maintain flavor while the airtight and secure design helps maintain flower weight. The CVault combined with a Boveda humidity pack protects against light, temperature and moisture, which can all damage your harvest during curing.

Dispensaries and retailers also face challenges with cannabis storage in Michigan. Traditionally, deli-style dispensaries have used glass containers. These containers do not have any humidity control functions and, while they may be airtight, they do little to protect cannabis from light. Temperatures fluctuate greatly in the Wolverine State throughout the year, ranging from sub-zero to three digits at times. Because of this, weed storage in Michigan should be humidity-controlled, airtight and lightproof. The CVault ticks all of those boxes, and each CVault includes Boveda humidity packs that add another layer of protection against moisture.

Because of a push to abolish caregiver-derived legal cannabis in Michigan, it’s more important now than ever to protect your investment. Weed prices saw a steep increase after the new rules were announced, and it’s a trend that can be expected to continue. Dispensaries don’t want to risk costly mistakes and lose/waste product because it can cut directly into any money made from sales. Protecting cannabis investments with the CVault helps reduce profit loss.

CVault Solves Weed Storage Problems in Michigan

Keeping weed (and yes, other dried goods) in sellable condition is crucial if you want to profit. Growing operations, production facilities and dispensaries all must ensure the integrity of their cannabis is intact from the farm to the customer. The CVault solves all your problems with the smartest container for cannabis storage in Michigan.

weed storage in michigan

Better Protection

  • The airtight seal keeps moisture, dust and heat from affecting your weed
  • Character and flavor will not seep out of weed with an airtight environment and ideal humidity
  • CVaults suit any Michigan weather with both 58% and 62% humidity
  • Included Boveda packs do not contain chemicals, only salt and water

Ideal Storage

  • Containers come in several different sizes to suit both big cultivation and dispensary businesses as well as casual smokers
  • Products are locked in with a unique multi-latch design
  • The CVault’s wide mouth makes it easy to pick out the perfect nug or refill the container for cannabis curing in Michigan

Additional Features

  • Hold your Boveda in place and off your products with the convenient patented pocket inside the CVault
  • No thinking required with the CVault — simple to use and perfect when your time matters
  • Perfect add-on sales opportunity. Use CVault in your dispensary and stock up on personal sizes to sell to your customers with or without product inside

More Options for Michigan Businesses

Have more than buds to offer? You can also get the same high-quality storage options for your liquid and powder products with the EVault. Protect the integrity of your oils with secure and sanitary food-grade stainless steel airtight storage containers. The EVault is the ideal solution for anyone who needs discretion and protection while storing and transporting oils, distillate, isolate, kief and more!

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Simple to Maintain

The CVault is the world’s smartest curing and storage container, which means it’s made to not only be incredibly easy to use but to also last for years! We manufacture our containers with a silicone ring that’s thick enough to provide an airtight seal even with regular use. We know that the popularity of strains can vary, and now we know anything can happen to affect business. Because of this, we’ve created containers that work perfectly whether they sit unopened for a long period of time or they’re being opened often.

To take care of your CVault, simply wipe down after each use and allow it to air dry. Periodically, you may need to do a deeper clean on your containers. Do not use harsh materials or chemicals to clean as that could impact the integrity of the container. Instead, use a soft cloth and soap to gently clean it. If you have a spot that needs to be cleaned immediately, isopropyl alcohol can be used. CVault containers shouldn’t stain, but in the rare event you find a stain, baking soda can be gently applied and scrubbed into the stain to lift it.

cvault storage containers

Don’t Risk Your Investment with Cannabis Storage in Michigan

Cannabis businesses cannot risk losing weed to mold, light damage and other elements. It’s necessary to have a reliable, high-quality cannabis storage and curing solution in Michigan. With the proper storage, weed can continue to be profitable in a state that has seen many fluctuations in the industry.

Ready to see how your cannabis business can be vastly improved? Get the world’s smartest storage container. No thinking required!

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