The Best Airtight Weed Storage in Vermont

Producing the perfect cannabis product takes an exceptional amount of the age-old notion of blood, sweat and tears. After pouring your heart and soul into the perfect product, why leave the storage of your product up to anyone but the best? The only Vermont cannabis container worth its weight in weed is the CVault from FreshStor. The CVault storage container is the only airtight weed storage in Vermont that not only takes care of your product on the inside but is a sight to behold. Keep reading to learn more about what makes the CVault the only choice for your Vermont cannabis container.

Weed Distribution in Vermont

Since its legalization in May 2004, the cannabis industry in Vermont has steadily grown. Until late 2020, only medicinal cannabis was legal. However, now that Vermont has become the 11th state to legalize recreational weed, it is now time to up your cannabis game. The first step? Use the best cannabis container available on the market.

Think about it: if you are showing your particular cannabis product to prospective customers for the first time, would you want to show it off in a dingy, old storage container? No. You want to show it off, whether in person or in photographs, in the highest quality airtight weed storage in Vermont. Enter the CVault.

CVault is created using 304 food-grade stainless steel in a few different sizes to best fit your personal or cultivation needs. Within this airtight weed storage container, your cannabis product stays cool, fresh and under nearly perfectly controlled humidity levels with a Boveda Humidity Packs (more on that later).

Just as a friendly reminder, according to Vermont law: “A person knowingly and unlawfully selling or dispensing more than one ounce of cannabis or five grams or more of hashish shall be imprisoned not more than five years or fined not more than $100,000, or both.” So be smart when you bring your goods to market with the recreational public.

If you want to make sure you stand out from the other cannabis producers in Vermont, display your superior product in our superior product: the CVault every time.

The Anatomy of the CVault and EVault

The EVault is the CVault’s close cousin. Both vaults are made of exceptional stainless steel (CVault is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and the EVault is made from 316 pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel) and are the only choice for your airtight weed storage in Vermont.

The CVault is used for all of your general cannabis products while the EVault is specifically targeted to contain your cannabis product extracts. By using the EVault for your oils, kief and isolates, you are ensuring the best quality of your extracts. The EVault keeps your extracts in a dark, dry and humidity-controlled environment to not harm the integrity of said extracts.

The humidity-controlled environment of the CVault is enhanced by Boveda humidity packs. The CVault has a patented design that holds the humidity pack so it can be effective without touching the product. By using the Boveda humidity packs, your container will maintain the perfect conditions to keep your products fresh and can even improve older products.

cvault storage containers

Proper Care for Your Vermont Cannabis Container

With the incredibly muggy summers and frigid cold winters in Vermont, it is important to keep your cannabis container in the best condition to protect your cannabis products. To do so, we have compiled a few quick tips to elongate the life of your vault.

The quickest way to clean your airtight weed storage container is to wash it out with warm water and mild soap. If you run into any issues removing any residue, simply dust baking soda over the residue and wipe clean. Due to the stainless steel, no harsh chemicals or scrubbers should ever be used to avoid damaging the vaults’ efficacy.

Each vault from FreshStor is an investment, but one that is necessary to make. Protect not only your product but also that investment by taking exceptional care of your Vermont cannabis containers. It is not only the image of your brand and your product that you want to protect — you want to make sure your container will serve your cannabis business for years to come. Take care of your container and your container will take care of you.

cvault storage containers
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