Cannabis Curing & Storage in Saskatchewan

The world’s smartest, humidity-controlled curing and storage container for your Saskatchewan weed — no thinking required! Simple to use and clean, we’ve created the ideal curing and storage container for Saskatchewan marijuana to protect your product from excessive exposure to air, light and moisture. Get your Saskatchewan cannabis storage containers today!

Produce the Best Saskatchewan Marijuana

Now that Saskatchewan weed is legal to use and grow, you no longer have to resort to piecing together your operations and cannabis storage. Plastic bags and containers are for the past, and FreshStor’s CVault is the industry standard that will maintain the integrity of your cannabis.

With all of the work that goes into growing, harvesting and curing your Saskatchewan marijuana, you want a container to cure and store it in that’s equally thoughtful. The CVault hits the mark with:

  • 304 food-grade stainless steel that’s built to last and will keep out light and unwanted humidity changes
  • Thick silicone ring for an airtight seal
  • Wide mouth for easy access and cleaning
  • Multiple latches to lock in freshness (and keep out contaminates)
  • Boveda’s two-way humidity control solution

These features work together to ensure product consistency, improve smoothness, enhance taste and maintain product weight. When you store and cure your Saskatchewan weed with CVault, you and your customers know they are getting the best product possible.

saskatchewan cannabis storage

Make Your Saskatchewan Weed Memorable

With 30 established cannabis producers and nearly 60 storefronts in the province, it is essential to stand out in the market. We offer the opportunity to white label our proprietary CVault containers, so you can:

  • Increase checkout average
  • Attract & retain new customers
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Implement a rewards or promotion program
  • Get free advertising when customers use your branded container

Whether you are a producer delivering your products, or a Saskatchewan weed shop looking to stand out, CVault will get you there. Not only do you look more professional, but your smooth, consistent and tasty weed will be remembered — creating happy, repeat customers.

cvault storage containers

The Boveda Advantage

Boveda humidity packs are the final touch that makes CVault your number one choice for Saskatchewan cannabis storage. Their all-natural, patented two-way humidity control technology ensures your product is stored at the perfect humidity level.

Without using chemicals, Boveda packs ensure your product maintains its moisture, oils, character, terpenes and flavor. Choose from different humidity levels, and rest assured that your product will be as potent and perfect as you intended when you planted the first seeds of the season.

cvault storage containers

EVault: Plant Extract Storage in Saskatchewan

If you produce plant extracts from your Saskatchewan marijuana, you need the EVault. These durable containers are upgraded with 316 pharma-grade stainless steel to protect your liquids and fine powders, such as oil, distillate, isolate and kief. Designed to be washed and reused, when you choose EVault you are making an environmentally-friendly choice.

Proper storage and protection from excess light and moisture ensure your extracts will retain their terpenes, potency and weight beyond their typical shelf life. The care you put into storing and transporting your extracts will place you ahead of your competitors for quality, so be sure to pick a container that reflects your commitment to excellence.

cvault storage containers saskatchewan

Caring for Your CVault & EVault

Thanks to the stainless steel design, FreshStor’s CVault and Evault are easy to clean with mild soap and warm water. For any lingering marks, a paste of baking soda and water is all you need, which means harmful chemical cleansers will never get close to your stash. And to make clean-up even easier, our containers have wide mouths and a smooth interior so you can be confident that the container is ready for your next batch.

With Saskatchewan cannabis storage solutions in all sizes, you’ll have the perfect vessel no matter the size of your grow. And by purchasing one of our combo packs, you’ll also have containers for every step of the process or size of the harvest.

cvault storage containers

Choose the Best Cannabis Storage in Saskatchewan

Growing and processing Saskatchewan marijuana takes commitment, care and expertise. Don’t let all of that hard work “go up in smoke” with poor curing and storage. Every step along the way needs to be carefully managed before someone uses the final product. Curing, transportation, distribution and even storage in shops or private homes can affect your product’s quality — and how your Saskatchewan weed is perceived.

Consumers demand high-quality service and products, and when you use FreshStor’s solutions, they’ll notice the difference that your care makes. Choose CVault and EVault, the best choice for Saskatchewan cannabis storage.

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