Cannabis Curing and Storage in Quebec

It takes a lot of work and carefully timed steps before your cannabis products can go to market. After you have invested all that time and care to perfect your seed choice, ideal growing conditions, timing the harvest, drying, curing and processing your plants, why take the risk of losing weight and quality without the highest quality cannabis storage in Quebec? With the revolutionary CVault airtight storage containers in Quebec, you can maintain the perfect environment for your flower and extracts through curing and storage until the moment of delivery. Learn more about the best weed storage in Quebec.

Be the Best in Quebec

Since the SQDC prioritizes local producers, stand out from your competition by using the best airtight storage containers in Quebec. When you deliver the most consistent product every time, consumers will start to notice.

You can even market your attention to quality, by offering your superior products in white-labeled CVault canisters. When Canada Post delivers your bud, it will be fresher, smoother and in better condition than the products they are used to getting in plastic bags or containers.

If you can only sell your products via the SQDC, you need to take every opportunity to stand out. The CVault and EVault maintain your products’ potency, quality, taste, shelf-life and your reputation. Read more about our white label wholesale program.

weed storage in quebec

CVault: Cannabis Storage in Quebec

No matter the size of your grow, we have a CVault to protect your cannabis harvest. Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel in a variety of sizes, these containers are designed to maintain a dark, airtight and humidity controlled environment. This means that your flower will be consistently fresh and smooth, creating happy repeat customers thanks to the best weed storage in Quebec.

We thought of everything when it comes to cannabis storage in Quebec. The wide-mouth containers offer easy access, while the Boveda packs offer a variety of humidity options. Plus, thanks to the stainless steel design in a multitude of sizes, these airtight storage containers are built to last harvest after harvest.

cvault storage containers

EVault: Airtight Storage Containers for Quebec Extracts

Similarly, the Evault is a thoughtfully designed extract storage solution made with cultivators and processors in mind. With upgraded 316 stainless steel, your plant extracts including oils, distillates,isolates and kief will be unadulterated during storage and transport.

The airtight and dark environment of the Evault will ensure the chemical composition, taste and potency of your extracts stay consistent. When you take storage as seriously as the production processes, your buyers will know they are getting quality every time.

cvault storage containers

The Boveda Advantage

When you use Boveda humidity packs in combination with the CVault, you choose the humidity for curing or storing your flower. The patented two-way humidity control creates the ideal environment for your product, ensuring no loss of oils or flavor. In fact, it can even improve the quality of products that were previously stored incorrectly.

This chemical-free humidity solution fits into the specially-designed lid of your CVault, keeping your product fresh naturally. We love the Boveda packs so much that each new CVault comes with one (or more)! Once you experience the Boveda advantage, you will never take risks with your product storage again.

cvault cannabis storage in quebec

Simple to Maintain

The CVault is a complete, self-contained solution for airtight storage of your cannabis flower and extracts. It is as simple as popping the product into the container, inserting a Boveda humidity pack and snapping the secure closures shut. There is no need to worry if you tightened the lid enough because the latch-closures ensure an airtight seal every time. You’ll love CVault weed storage in Quebec! 

Once your batch has moved on to the distributor, it is simple to clean your vaults to use again. The wide opening ensures no product can hide in nooks and crannies, and the stainless steel body means no stains or odors are left behind. A wash with mild soap and warm water is enough to clean your Vault, and any stubborn “bits” can be removed with baking soda. No harsh cleaners are needed, so there will be no residue that could harm your products.

Enhance your reputation and boost your ability to reach more customers in Quebec by taking care of every step in your growing or production process. No matter how careful you are with your grow, if you don’t cure, store and transport your products carefully, the end result will be subpar. CVault is the best choice for professional growers and producers looking for cannabis storage in Quebec. The world’s smartest curing and storage container — no thinking required!

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