The Best Cannabis Storage Options in Ontario

Cannabis storage has come a long way from the film canisters and ziplock bags of decades past. With so many legal ways to consume cannabis, you need the best airtight cannabis storage containers in Ontario to keep your products fresh, and we have the answer — FreshStor’s CVault and EVault.

Why Airtight Storage?

If you aren’t storing your cannabis products properly, you risk losing your investment and profit. Cannabis and its extracts are affected by exposure to air, humidity and light. Poor storage conditions could mean losing those tasty terpenes, reduced product potency and an overall lesser quality product.

The best airtight storage containers in Ontario protect your cannabis from air and potential contaminants, but FreshStor’s storage solutions go beyond that. They also control humidity, block light and keep your product secure during storage and transportation. All you have to do is securely latch the stainless steel lid, and rest assured your products will be just as fresh the next time you open the container.

Cannabis Storage in Ontario for Growers & Producers

Large-scale cannabis production requires reliable, durable and effective solutions to ensure consistent products. FreshStor’s airtight storage containers in Ontario are ideal for curing, storing and transporting up to 50L of cannabis or 6L of cannabis extracts like distillates.

The Cultivator CVault is the world’s smartest cannabis curing and storage container — no thinking required! Thanks to its intelligent design with a thick silicone seal, a patented holder for Boveda humidity packs and food-grade stainless steel, cannabis products will maintain their integrity well beyond its typical shelf life.

Hemp and cannabis extracts need a bit more care during storage and transportation, and the EVault delivers. With upgraded 316 pharma-grade steel for secure and sanitary storage of plant extracts like cannabis oil, distillate, isolate and kief, the EVault protects your product’s active properties.

When your clients know they get consistent, quality products from you every time, they will keep coming back. Both the CVault and the Evault protect your bottom line and your company’s reputation:

  • Safe from evaporation, your product’s weight (and value) stays stable.
  • Your product quality, flavor and potency stay consistent.
  • The containers are reusable and easy to clean.
  • You control the humidity to your liking.
cvault storage containers

Dispensary Cannabis Storage in Ontario

Just like a producer needs to keep their products fresh on the way to market, a deli-style dispensary needs to protect its inventory. Easily store and organize cannabis products using CVault, and manage each product’s preferred humidity using Boveda humidity packs. Your clients will love the attention to detail, while your suppliers will appreciate their products receiving the respect they deserve.

And if you are ready to level-up your customer experience, join our wholesale program. Increase brand recognition and customer satisfaction by selling your own branded CVault containers. When your cannabis lasts longer and tastes better thanks to an improved storage solution, you will grow your repeat customer base.

cvault storage containers

Airtight Storage Containers in Ontario for the Casual Cannabis User

Whether you are a daily dabbler or just use cannabis occasionally, you want your bud to taste fresh every time you reach for it. FreshStor’s airtight Personal CVault cannabis storage container is perfect for keeping your cannabis in peak condition, thanks to its 304 food-grade stainless steel body and the Boveda two-way humidity control packs.

cvault storage containers

CVault Benefits:

  • Enhances taste
  • Improves smoothness
  • Revives old product
  • Longer-term storage
  • Offers humidity options
  • Provides consistent quality

If you like to keep several strains of cannabis on hand, you will need a way to store them separately to prevent cross-contamination or mingling of flavors. Personal cannabis storage in Ontario is easy with CVault, because we carry a variety of sizes and combo packs!

From the extra small 1/4oz container to our 50L capacity option, we have a CVault to suit any stash. For taking your cannabis on the go, choose the medium 1oz capacity CVault to ensure you are within legal limits for carrying dried cannabis in Ontario. If you grow a few plants for yourself, be sure to check out our Home Grow Kits for everything you’ll need to cure and store your cannabis.

Choose CVault & EVault for Airtight Storage Containers in Ontario

Keep your cannabis products happy and safe in their own climate-controlled container, away from light, air and other contaminants that could damage them. With FreshStor’s cannabis and extract storage solutions, your cannabis will stay fresh — no thinking required.

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