Cannabis Storage in Oklahoma

The CVault storage container is the best solution for cannabis storage in Oklahoma. Each of the nine sizes are ideal humidity-controlled environments for freshly harvested and cured buds. You can even store other products like spices and tobacco! CVault is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and the construction is meant to last for many years. The CVault is the perfect environment with humidity control and light protection for Oklahoma weed storage, making it last longer and maintain potency. Consumers, dispensary owners and growers all love CVault because it is the world’s (and Oklahoma’s!) smartest curing and storage container! No thinking required!
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EVault: Extract Storage in Oklahoma

When you need an airtight solution for your liquids and powders, look no further than the EVault! It is the best secure and sanitary extract storage product on the market. The EVault is made from 316 pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, which creates a controlled environment without impacting the potency of the liquids. The EVault works great for cannabis and CBD oil, distillates and isolates. You can also use it for other plant extracts like essential oils that require an airtight seal and protection from the elements. Reduce product loss, maintain potency and even transport your products using the EVault.

cannabis storage in oklahoma | weed storage in oklahoma | cannabis curing in oklahoma

Maintain Cannabis Freshness

The humidity of your storage environment plays a big role in the overall quality and longevity of your cannabis. If your storage solution creates too much humidity, you risk moldy weed. Too little moisture and your product will dry out and turn to shake. Both of these issues lead to loss! Our CVault containers are created to maintain ideal humidity between 62% and 69%. They have a built-in pocket designed to hold a Boveda Humidity Pack. When you use the CVault and Boveda combination, your investment is protected. The CVault solution for cannabis storage in Oklahoma provides protection from mold, fungi, light and other unwanted elements.

cannabis storage in oklahoma | weed storage in oklahoma | cannabis curing in oklahoma

It’s Your Investment — Protect It!

You may be interested in more than just storage! If your business involves transporting or shipping, you need a reliable solution for protecting your products and delivering the quality your customers expect. Use the CVault for cannabis storage, transport and curing in Oklahoma. Use the EVault for secure and sanitary cannabis extract storage and transport in Oklahoma. Both options for weed storage in Oklahoma protect your products against changes in temperature and humidity due to element changes. Your products are an investment. Protect them during storage and shipping with the CVault and the EVault.

Simple Cleaning

To keep your product sanitary and free from contamination, you’ll need to clean your CVaults and EVaults regularly. We recommend doing it before and after each use. It’s an easy process to incorporate into your standard operating procedures!

  • Step 1: Use a mild detergent, a soft cloth and warm water to wash normally.
  • Step 2: Use warm or cool water to rinse the container thoroughly to ensure it’s free of detergent.
  • Step 3: Dry the container right away using a soft cloth to avoid water spots on the container.

Cleaning Quick Tips:

  • The key to protecting your containers while washing is to be gentle. Abrasive tools and products could damage the container.
  • Need to spot clean the container? Isopropyl alcohol is a quick solution for fingerprints and smudge marks.
  • Is your container stained? It shouldn’t stain, but if you find one, mix a small amount of baking soda and water, then gently scrub the stained area.

CVault for Oklahoma Weed Storage

Using the proper techniques for cannabis storage in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your product. Use CVault and EVault to ensure freshness and maintain optimal potency. FreshStor offers simple and affordable solutions for cannabis storage in Oklahoma to guarantee protection of your cannabis flower and extract products. Choose the CVault for the best cannabis curing in oklahoma.
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