Cannabis Storage Container

Whether you’re a cultivator or a distributor of cannabis in New Jersey, you need state-of-the-art cannabis containers. Look no further than FreshStor’s CVault. It’s the only ideal and reliable way to store your cannabis, tobacco, spices and more. The CVault is unlike other airtight storage containers in New Jersey. It is created from 304 food-grade stainless steel and has multiple latches to lock in freshness and provide the best environment for storing your dried cannabis products. No matter your cannabis storage needs in New Jersey, you’ll find a CVault size that’s just right for your operation.

EVault: Extract Storage in New Jersey

FreshStor also offers a container perfectly suited for your extract storage. The EVault is designed and manufactured for storing distillate, cannabis and CBD oil, kief and more. This incredible container is made from 316 pharma-grade stainless steel that prevents seepage of unwanted compounds into your products, making it an excellent choice for both cultivators and distributors alike. The EVault helps maintain the weight of your product and reduces potential product loss that occurs with traditional storage containers. It’s also a reliable option to transport products! For airtight extract cannabis storage in New Jersey, choose the secure and sanitary EVault.

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Serious About Cannabis? Get Serious About CVault!

Cannabis regulations in New Jersey might be a little murky yet, but it isn’t stopping New Jerseyans from preparing for cannabis to be truly legal in the state. If you are serious about becoming a top cultivator or distributor in New Jersey, you need to invest in CVault.


If you are a cultivator, your cannabis is your livelihood — and you definitely need to protect your products inside airtight storage containers in New Jersey! That’s where CVaults step up and deliver: they improve your brand and validate your reputation. By using CVaults consistently for cannabis storage in New Jersey, your customers will always know they are getting the highest quality product protected by the highest quality airtight cannabis container.


If you are a distributor, your image is your livelihood, and CVault is the hottest airtight container on the market. CVaults are beautiful inside and out. They are sleek and shiny, thus creating a higher perceived value of its contents. And when your customers perceive such high quality, you can charge a premium price for your cannabis. It’s a no-brainer: choosing between a breakable and basic glass mason jar and a humidity-controlled CVault? Your customers will always choose products presented in a CVault and will spend a few extra dollars for the reusable container.

Ensure you have plenty of containers to display your products and/or available for purchase. As the New Jersey rules are ironed out, it appears consumers will be able to buy cannabis from in-state retailers, but products bought out of state won’t be legal. Consumers may want to stock up. Luckily, FreshStor has created an incredible opportunity for you: sign up for the wholesale program! Even though the CVault is already competitively priced, businesses can save when purchased in bulk.

FreshStor products are considered a business expense. Using CVaults for promotion or as a “packaging cost” write-off on your taxes will help pay for themselves in the long run. It’s a win-win.

Protection and Peace of Mind

As with any other business venture, it is imperative to protect your assets with airtight storage containers in New Jersey. Regardless if you are a cultivator or distributor, airtight cannabis storage products are essential to your business. Both the CVault and EVault create secure and sanitary cannabis storage conditions while providing the peace of mind that comes from an exceptional airtight container. Each container lasts for years and more than pays for itself over and over again. Whether you’re currently operating in the New Jersey medical marijuana market or are waiting for recreational legalization, make sure to invest in CVault for all of your cannabis storage in New Jersey.

The Game Changer

Not only are the CVault and EVault an essential part of any established cannabis business, they are also paired with a similarly distinguished partner — Boveda. FreshStor’s CVault and EVault are designed to pair perfectly with the innovative and effective Boveda humidity packs. Each container has been carefully manufactured with a pocket to insert a Boveda pack, keeping it off and out of your product to prevent degradation, loss of trichomes and unnecessary creation of shake. To get the maximum effectiveness of the FreshStor airtight storage containers in New Jersey, use Boveda humidity packs. Talk about a game-changer! Every CVault and EVault come with Boveda humidity packs, and they are available for sale when it’s time to replace.
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Make the Right Choice

There are plenty of cannabis containers on the market, but only one is made from stainless steel with a patented pocket for Boveda humidity packs. If you’re looking to uplevel your business this year, the only smart choice is FreshStor. No thinking required! Contact us today to learn more about how CVaults and EVaults can standardize your SOPs and protect your investment.

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