Cannabis Storage in Missouri

For big cultivators, small processors, home growers and everyone in between, cannabis storage in Missouri is a must. And if you want your products to last longer, stay fresher, and be safe from spills or other contaminants, then you need quality cannabis storage. That’s why FreshStor is essential! We manufacture the best storage containers for Missouri cannabis and extracts — the world-renowned CVault and the new EVault.

CVault: Cannabis Storage in Missouri

CVault is your go-to recreational and medical marijuana storage container and “The World’s Smartest Curing & Storage Container — No Thinking Required!” Gone are the days of dried out “freezer bud” in flimsy baggies, thanks to CVault’s genius humidity-controlled design.

Made with 304 food-grade stainless steel and powered by Boveda’s two-way humidity control pack, your Missouri cannabis storage just leveled up. With its airtight seal and patented holder for Boveda packs, the CVault maintains the integrity, freshness and flavor of your bud.

CVault is perfect for everyone and comes in various sizes for both personal and commercial use, making weed storage in Missouri simple for your specific needs. The small CVault holds up to a half ounce, perfect for medical marijuana storage in your purse or while on the go, and with an airtight seal, your stash will go undetected by most noses. The sizes go up from there, all the way to the 50-liter CVault for large-quantity Missouri cannabis curing, storage or transport.

EVault: Cannabis Extract Storage in Missouri

EVault is CVault’s new sibling, designed with upgraded 316 pharma-grade steel for secure and sanitary storage of plant extracts like distillates, isolates, oils and powders. It also comes with the same lock-tight seal, wide-mouth design and easy-clean features of the CVault. This means your Missouri cannabis extracts will be protected from humidity, excess light and moisture, keeping the products’ active properties protected. Our containers are sealed by reliable clasps, making spillage of your extracts virtually impossible.

cvault storage containers

Keep Your Weed Fresh

Even those new to the world of cannabis curing in Missouri can tell when the quality of their flower isn’t great. The environment that cannabis and its extracts are kept in greatly affects both the taste and potency. FreshStor’s CVault and EVault protect against exposure to air, light, cross-contamination with adjacent scents or tastes, and the CVault keeps your Missouri cannabis in a humidity-controlled environment.

Humidity is one of the biggest environmental factors when it comes to storing or curing cannabis. Too much humidity and mold can develop, which can cause serious health implications. On the other hand, too little humidity and you end up with dry weed and a very harsh smoke. Weed should be a smooth enjoyment, not a painful smoking experience.

All CVaults come with Boveda packs that insert into a special pocket and offer two-way humidity control. In both 58% and 62% humidity options, these packs last months to keep your stash as fresh (or better!) than the day you popped it in the container.

Read more about how to keep your stash fresh here!

Cannabis and its extracts both need to be kept away from light, air and adjacent odors to keep their THC levels and terpenes intact. Both of our solutions for weed storage in Missouri are airtight, ensuring nothing gets in or out without your permission!

cvault storage containers

Storage Solutions for Missouri Cannabis Businesses

With all of the work that goes into growing, trimming, harvesting, curing, extracting, transporting and retailing cannabis products, weed storage in Missouri is of paramount importance. You are only as good as your product when it finally reaches the consumer, and your brand is only as good as the products you provide. That’s why we created the ideal cannabis storage solution in Missouri: to protect the magic of cannabis at every step along the journey.

We are proud to offer cannabis storage up to 50 liters in capacity and extract storage up to six liters. These large volume containers are perfect for growers, producers, retailers and volume transport. With our Cultivator Combo Packs, you get multiple containers to store different strains or house products at different production levels. Our Way More Than Personal CVault Combo Pack is a great solution for prolific home growers or Missouri cannabis retailers who need portable humidity controlled storage.

FreshStor’s CVault and EVault are the benchmarks when it comes to cannabis storage and curing in Missouri. Our products are designed to keep your cannabis and extracts as tasty, potent and fresh as possible with no effort on your part and in sizes that fit your lifestyle or business. Ditch the baggies, mason jars and trash bags — it’s time to take your recreational and medical marijuana storage seriously.

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