Cannabis Storage in Massachusetts

Massachusetts legalized cannabis in 2017 and sales have been booming since then. With an increased demand for high-quality cannabis products, dispensaries and cultivators need to make sure that they’re protecting their plants and offering their customers quality as well as consistency. With airtight weed storage containers in Massachusetts, dispensaries and cultivators can protect their products and offer their customers the highest quality possible!

Determining Airtight Storage Solutions

At FreshStor, we’ve created the world’s smartest storage containers that are designed to meet your specific needs. Our original storage solution — the CVault — is designed for dried goods. They’re perfect for both storing and curing buds. Our EVault is the ideal solution for fine powders, distillates and other liquids. Both containers are ideal for personal and professional use with sizes suitable for all your needs.

Additional Branding Opportunities

Whether you’re a cultivator or a dispensary, you need weed containers in Massachusetts that are up to the job. Not only can you protect your cannabis but you can also market your brand. Both the CVault and EVault containers are able to be customized with your branding. For cultivators, you can create brand recognition and encourage more dispensaries to purchase your products since they know you by name! For dispensaries, you can create a uniform look with containers that are branded. You’ll also be able to brand smaller size containers that you can then markup and retail to your customers!

cvault storage containers

Better Protection for Temperature Fluctuations

Massachusetts weather sees huge fluctuations between seasons and sometimes even from month-to-month. These fluctuations can have an impact on the environment your cannabis is in and can even negatively impact the quality of it. Even minor weather changes can hurt your products so it’s important to make sure that you’re using airtight storage containers in Massachusetts to protect against these. Not only is the CVault airtight, but it’s also made to stand up to many different climates. All of our CVaults come with a Boveda pack and a specially-designed pocket that you can put your Boveda in to keep the humidity at ideal levels.

cvault storage containers

Airtight Storage for Massachusetts Cultivators

For cannabis cultivators, maintaining an ideal environment isn’t just important, it’s essential to maintain consistency across their products. When you finally perfect your process for cultivating your products, you’ll want to make sure that you can replicate it time and again to continue offering the same products to your customers. Even small changes to humidity or the environment that your cannabis is in can have a big impact and cause your products to be inconsistent. Using a CVault container for cultivation can help maintain that consistency, protect your products from the elements and prevent you from losing product weight during cultivation. Cultivators in Michigan can choose airtight storage containers that will suit their needs no matter how big their operation!

cvault storage containers

Weed Containers for Massachusetts Dispensaries

Even large chain dispensaries and big operations take huge hits to their profits when they lose product. This can impact your bottom line and have a negative impact on your business. It’s important to protect your profits with weed containers in Massachusetts that will help the products stay fresh and intact. With a CVault container, you can be sure that your cannabis is always protected. These airtight containers provide more protection than traditional glass containers without the risks that come from breaking glass.

Staying Legal in Massachusetts

Help your customers stay legal! While Massachusetts law allows cannabis to be transported in a vehicle, it must be in a closed container and kept away from the driver and passengers in the vehicle. While they’ll still need to lock it up in a trunk or glove box, the CVault provides another layer of protection for customers leaving your dispensary. Offer your custom branded CVaults and customers can use them to easily and safely transport their cannabis!

cvault storage containers

Cannabis Storage Containers Made to Last

When you’re running a business, every replacement that you have to make cuts into your bottom line and they could all add up to hurt your profits. Because of this, you want to make sure that every tool and implement you use is made to last. The CVault containers are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and are expertly constructed to ensure they’ll last in your dispensary. Take care of your CVaults using mild soap and water, spot cleaning when necessary and wiping down between putting different products in them.

Whether you’re a dispensary owner or a cultivator, protecting your bottom line is essential when you’re running your cannabis business. Airtight weed storage containers in Massachusetts are one of the best ways you can do this! Invest in your business with the CVault — the world’s smartest curing and storage container, no thinking required! Shop our cultivator and dispensary sizes that provide enough to keep up with the demands of your business!

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