Manitoba Cannabis Storage

The climate in Manitoba is no joke, and those humid summers and dry winters aren’t doing any favors for your cannabis. What if your Manitoba cannabis storage offered an all-in-one solution, including humidity control? It’s time you met FreshStor’s ultimate Manitoba airtight storage solution: the CVault.

CVault: The Best Solution for Manitoba Cannabis Storage

The CVault is the world’s smartest storage and curing container, no thinking required. How have we created the perfect container? It’s all about the details. Compared to unreliable old-school plastic containers, the CVault is designed to store your stash securely while maintaining (and even improving) its quality.

  • 304 food-grade stainless steel is durable, reusable and won’t stain or retain odors from past products (with washing)
  • Keeps out unwanted light and humidity changes
  • The thick silicone ring maintains an airtight seal
  • Wide mouth for easy access and cleaning
  • Multiple latches to lock in freshness (and keep out contaminates)
  • Boveda’s two-way humidity control solution keeps a constant environment, and may even revive products that may have been stored improperly

Once you’ve used the CVault for your Manitoba cannabis storage, you’ll never go back to fragile glass or unreliable plastic again.

cvault storage containers manitoba

Meet the EVault: Secure & Sanitary Extract Storage

What the CVault is to cannabis, the EVault is to your cannabis extracts. This Manitoba airtight storage is ideal for your powders, oils, isolates and distillates. The EVault is upgraded with 316 pharma-grade stainless steel to protect your delicate extracts from any possible contamination, allowing you to offer the purest products possible. With all of the same protective features of the CVault (durability, secure latches, airtight seal), you know that your products will be protected from any excess light or moisture. Stand out from your competitors with consistent, high-quality extracts by choosing a container that keeps your products’ terpenes, potency and weight in-check.

Manitoba Airtight Storage for Cultivators & Producers

As a cultivator or producer in the cannabis industry, every harvest dictates your livelihood. And when each step along the way has the potential to affect the end product, it’s well worth it to protect your crop every chance you get.

Because it comes in a variety of sizes and is endlessly reusable, the CVault is the smartest choice for each of those steps. From harvest, to transportation, to curing and storage, FreshStor ensures your Manitoba bud is safe from light, humidity and other potential contaminants — including cross-contamination between strains. We have also taken storage space into consideration, and made our containers stackable so you can capitalize on vertical space.

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Manitoba Cannabis Storage for Dispensaries & Distributors

If you are in the business of dispensing weed, you need to find a way to stand out from your competition. Sure, advertising will get you part of the way, but it is the quality of your product that will have them coming back every time.

Dispensaries have a unique dilemma, as they store large quantities of product and need to have frequent access to it. If you are opening a large container of weed each time you portion it for a customer, you are exposing the whole stash to light, humidity and air that will affect its quality.

With CVault, you can store the bulk of your inventory in large containers and portion it into smaller ones for more frequent opening. Thus, only a small portion of your product sees the light of day at any given time. Your entire inventory will be smoother, more consistent and more memorable than anyone else’s around.

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Join the Wholesale Program

FreshStor knows that the cannabis market is competitive, and we want to help you gain an edge. By using our Manitoba airtight cannabis storage solutions, you are already earning a reputation as a grower or distributor who cares about their product each step of the way.

But we want to offer you more.

With our wholesale program, you save money when buying FreshStor solutions in bulk, with the added benefit of White Label Promotional Opportunities. That means you use the CVault or EVault, but place your branding on the containers. Some ways to make use of this opportunity are to:

  • Brand your customer experience
  • Increase check average
  • Attract & retain new customers
  • Elevate your brand image
  • Start a reward/promotion program at your dispensary

It’s time to take your Manitoba cannabis storage to the next level with our wholesale and white label program.

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The Best Manitoba Airtight Storage

Consumers these days expect a lot more than dried out pot in a film canister (remember those?). With FreshStor’s CVault, you will not only meet their expectations, but exceed them by offering perfectly cured and carefully stored flower every step of the way. The result? Consistent, smooth, delicious bud that customers seek out again and again.

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