Cannabis Storage in Maine

Though initially legalized in 2016, recreational marijuana sales began this month! Regulations in Maine have made many solutions for weed storage in Maine obsolete. Not to worry! FreshStor’s secure and sanitary curing and storage containers — the CVault and the EVault — are here to stay no matter how the cannabis regulations in Maine may change.

Protection and Peace of Mind

With the marijuana industry still in its infancy, regulations are not up to par yet on how to protect your product. The CVault is the world’s smartest container for curing and cannabis storage in Maine. Our EVault container is the best protection storage container on the market to ensure your peace of mind with distillate and other liquids.

Not only are the CVault and EVault the top choice for storage, they are nearly indestructible — and that’s not even the best part! Our products are incredibly affordable, thus making it essential to have for your weed storage or curing in Maine.

Weed Storage Maine

Choose the Best Cannabis Storage in Maine

At FreshStor, we pride ourselves on offering the best weed storage containers in Maine and all over the world. We have two prized storage containers that will definitely change the weed storage game.

cvault storage containers

CVaults: Curing Storage Containers

The CVault is renowned as the world’s smartest cannabis curing and storage container. The best part about our CVault is that we offer two different kinds: personal and cultivator CVaults. Available in a whopping eight different sizes, the CVault is made of airtight 304 food-grade stainless steel and is built to last for years. Impenetrable by light, this storage container combined with a humidity pack creates the perfect conditions for long- or short-term storage.

The personal CVault is ideal for cannabis storage in Maine as it comes in a small, medium or large option. Purchase larger sizes to cure and store weed in your dispensary, and grab the smaller sizes to package and sell to customers for a profit! Additionally, there are combo kits to get the most bang for your buck.

The cultivator CVault is perfect for just that: cannabis curing in Maine. Similar to the personal CVaults, the cultivator CVaults come in various sizes and combo packs for all of your curing and cultivating needs. Whether your cannabis storage needs in Maine amount to a small or even a serious grow, the CVaults are easy to clean, use and sanitize — not to mention they provide perfect humidity, freshness and weight control.

Cannabis Curing in Maine

EVaults: Extract Storage Containers

Are you looking for extract storage for your cannabis in Maine? Look no further than FreshStor’s newest storage solution: the EVault. EVaults are made with upgraded 316 stainless steel, which makes them perfect for sanitary and cost-effective packaging and shipping.

The EVault helps to reduce the loss of product and weight all while providing pristine storage conditions for your liquid and fine powder cannabis extracts.

Weed Storage Maine

Additional Maine Weed Storage Considerations

Cannabis Curing in Maine

To further preserve your cannabis, FreshStor offers additional items that compliment both the CVault and EVault storage devices — Boveda humidity packs and the hygrometer.

Boveda Humidity Packs
Boveda humidity packs are the perfect CVault and EVault companion for cannabis storage in Maine. The Boveda pack’s patented two-way humidity control ensures no loss of character, flavor or oils. The humidity packs range from 8 to 320 grams at 58% and 62% humidity. Choose whatever combination you need to compliment your weed storage in Maine.

The XIKAR Puro Tempd digital round hygrometer has been designed for long-life accuracy with absolute minimal maintenance. This hygrometer accurately displays the relative humidity and temperature in many different CVault sizes. The purpose of the hygrometer is to check the staying power of your replacement humidity packs and to see if you are in need of changing them.

Make The Right Choice

While there may be other options for cannabis storage and cannabis curing in Maine, the only proper and reliable choice is FreshStor. We offer renowned products all focused on providing you and your customers with only the highest quality weed. If you’re unsure whether the CVault or EVault is the best choice for your needs, please reach out to us today. We love answering customer questions, and we know you will love our products for all your weed storage in Maine.

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