Cannabis Storage in Illinois

Since cannabis is legal in Illinois and has been since 2019, industry businesses have been working to determine how to store marijuana in Illinois efficiently. While glass jars and traditional storage methods may provide a simple way to store it, they don’t offer the same protection as airtight containers. Glass jars are also susceptible to light and can be broken easily. For cannabis businesses of all types, the best way to store weed in Illinois is using CVault containers.

Cannabis Storage and Curing for Cultivators

To get a high-quality end product, cultivators must be very careful with their cannabis. This means finding the perfect storage solution. A good solution will require you to not only have a place to store your cannabis but also provide the ideal environment for curing. CVault is airtight which will keep the elements out and protect your cannabis. Furthermore, the 304 food-grade stainless steel protects the cannabis so you can maintain flavor. Lose less weight during the curing process and keep your harvest safe!

how to store weed in illinois

The Best Way to Store Weed in Illinois Dispensaries

Dispensary owners understand the importance of quality in their cannabis products. You can get all the best strains for your customers, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t take steps to protect them while you’re waiting for customers to purchase. Using a CVault container, you can be sure that your products aren’t impacted by any of the elements. The food-grade stainless steel protects the containers from light while the airtight seal protects it from any contaminants and humidity. Each CVault container comes with a specially designed pocket inside to fit the included Boveda humidity control pack in. Storing your cannabis in the CVault protects it and extends the life while also reducing loss of weight caused by exposure to the elements.

In Illinois, sweltering summer days quickly give way to frigid temperatures and that can wreak havoc on your cannabis products. These temperature changes can lead to extreme environmental change within the containers and also impact its humidity.

cvault storage containers

Making Transportation Easy

Illinois cannabis laws dictate how you can transport your weed. While the lines get a little blurred with transport across state lines, it is legal to transport it in your vehicle as long as you’re in the state! Illinois law requires cannabis to be in a smell-proof container, out of sight, not easily accessible and kept away from children. This may not be enforced often, but that means anyone purchasing weed from a dispensary needs to meet these requirements while taking it home. Help your customers stay safe and legal by offering our personal CVaults to tote their cannabis purchases home in.

cvault storage containers

How to Store Marijuana in Illinois Using a CVault

Using the CVault is as easy as placing your products (and your Boveda packs) in the container. It’s the world’s smartest curing and storage container — no thinking required! Put your favorite strains in your CVault containers and sit back while the container takes care of protecting your profits! They can extend the life of your weed while also ensuring that your customers will get consistent quality time after time. The CVault will maintain quality whether you’re opening it up every day to pull out bestsellers or if they have to sit unopened for long periods of time.

Our containers are also so easy to maintain! Smells don’t cling to the 304 food-grade stainless steel and you can wipe them down with a mild detergent and soft cloth after each use to keep them clean. Use isopropyl alcohol to spot clean and baking soda on tough stains (although, our containers rarely stain).

how to store weed in illinois

Curing Weed in Illinois

To cure your cannabis, you need to make sure that you have a consistent environment. As a part of the cannabis distribution chain, you need to make sure that your products are consistent and up to par each time that you deliver them to your dispensaries and other clients. Curing with the CVault produces higher quality cannabis with consistent results no matter what the Illinois weather brings.

cvault storage containers

More Illinois Storage Solutions

You’ve already figured out that the CVault is the perfect storage solution for your cannabis in Illinois, but what about other products?! CVaults can also be used for tobacco, spices and other dried goods. Our innovations don’t stop there, though.

The EVault container is our secure and sanitary extract storage solution. Like the CVault, it provides an airtight seal that protects your product from the elements. Unlike the CVault, it is designed specifically for liquids and fine powders. It’s an excellent option for:

  • Extracts
  • Distillates
  • Isolates
  • Powders

The 316 stainless steel keeps moisture, light and humidity away from your products thus extending the life of them and reducing lost profits for you. Need to ship your cannabis products? EVaults are secure and a great option for shipping!

cvault storage containers

The Last Storage Container You’ll Ever Need

Since the CVault is the best way to store weed in Illinois, it’s exactly what your cannabis business needs. Now that you’ve figured out how to store marijuana in Illinois, you can start stocking up on the CVault! We offer a variety of sizes and combo packs that will suit your unique needs. Pick up our cultivator containers to cure and store all your cannabis. And, don’t forget to get personal CVaults for your customers: we offer great prices for businesses so you can mark up and profit! You can even purchase the CVault to label with your own branding!

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