Colorado Smell Proof Containers

With the rising popularity of cannabis in the United States, it is essential to find top-notch airtight storage containers in Colorado to protect your investment. You and your product deserve the best smell proof container available in Colorado — and that’s the CVault, hands down. The CVault is perfect for both curing and storing weed in airtight containers. The CVault is made of high-quality stainless steel, 304 food-grade to be exact. An airtight, smell proof cannabis container for all of your commercial needs in Colorado is something you absolutely cannot pass up. It’s the world’s smartest curing and storage container. No thinking required!

Humidity Control in Various Colorado Climates

Colorado is known for its diverse climates: from arid deserts to the snow-covered Rocky Mountains. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to vary greatly from day to day and even from hour to hour in Colorado. This can compromise the integrity of your cannabis.

FreshStor is very aware of this potential and has partnered up with Boveda. Now, FreshStor not only produces the best airtight containers in Colorado, we assure the humidity is controlled with Boveda humidity packs. Each CVault and EVault is equipped with a pocket to safely and securely hold a Boveda pack. The patented pocket allows safe distancing of the humidity pack from the product, blocking any potential and unnecessary creation of shake or loss of trichomes. The innovative Boveda packs help maintain ideal humidity levels in your smell proof containers in addition to reducing the chance of fungi, mold, moisture and dryness.

boveda for airtight smell proof storage containers in colorado

EVault For All Your Extract Needs

The CVault is perfect for storing personal or commercial cannabis in airtight storage containers in Colorado. However, they are not ideal for extracts. If you are looking for a similar smell proof and sanitary container in Colorado for your extracts, look no further than the EVault.

A similar option to the CVault, the EVault is manufactured of 316 pharma-grade stainless steel. It helps prevent unnecessary and unwanted seepage of various compounds into your liquid and extract products. Having such incredible protection for your cannabis extracts is always needed, but especially since Colorado is at such a high elevation. The EVault’s main goal is to keep your product in its most natural state possible. It does this by ensuring the maintenance of weight and product loss. You cannot find a more secure airtight storage container in Colorado!

cvault storage containers

Keeping Your Containers Clean

While the CVault and EVault are incredible Colorado smell proof containers, you can achieve even more life and value out of them with proper care.

FreshStor recommends washing each container before use (even the first time!) to maintain a sanitary environment for your cannabis. The process to clean your airtight storage container is simple! You will need warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. Never use an abrasive material to clean your Colorado smell proof container. Doing so will damage the integrity of your container, thus putting your product at risk.

Secondly, rinse the container thoroughly until the warm water runs clear. Feel free to use the soft cloth on both the inside and outside of your airtight storage container. Make sure your CVault or EVault is completely dry after each cleaning session to prevent any extra moisture.

If your container doesn’t need a full cleaning of your container or just has a dirty spot, an isopropyl alcohol wipe can be used instead. As mentioned before, be sure to allow your container to fully dry before usage.

Protecting Your Product

Even though cannabis is booming in Colorado, cannabis cultivation can be a pricey business. You would not want to throw such an investment away on unreliable storage containers. Likewise, you would not want to lose valuable products to such controllable factors like humidity and moisture. Trust your cannabis to Colorado’s best smell proof containers. FreshStor’s patented storage containers along with Boveda’s humidity packs offer top-of-the-line protection for your top-of-the-line product. You will not regret choosing the best airtight storage containers in Colorado.

cvault storage containers

Colorado’s Only Cannabis Container Choice

Whether you’re curing, storing, transporting or selling your cannabis, it is imperative to contain your product in an airtight, smell proof storage container. Colorado weed users are loving FreshStor’s CVault for their cannabis and EVault for their extracts. By choosing FreshStor’s airtight storage containers in Colorado, you are committing to a higher standard of cannabis by protecting it with the best containers on the market.

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