Cannabis Storage in Canada

Canadians are choosing CVault as the number one way to store tobacco, spices and flower — and with good reason. The airtight 304 food-grade stainless steel construction comes in eight sizes and is built to last for years. Whether you need storage for product manufacturing, personal consumption, transportation or packaging, FreshStor is the ultimate storage solution for cannabis, distillate, kief and more. The CVault in Canada is the only secure and sanitary storage option.

EVault: Extract Storage in Canada

EVault storage containers are specifically designed for liquids and fine powders. Upgraded 316 pharmaceutical grade stainless steel makes an EVault the perfect option for protecting cannabis oil, distillate, CBD oil and other plant extracts. Reduce loss of product and loss of weight by using EVault cannabis extract storage. The EVault also works great for secure packaging and shipping of valuable products.

Reliable Product Freshness

Moisture matters. Too much moisture can lead to a moldy product, and too little moisture can dry it out. CVault storage containers protect cannabis and hemp from excessive moisture, light and air. Every stainless steel CVault and EVault container has a specially designed pocket that holds a Boveda Humidity Pack. When the correct humidity level is maintained, your precious investment is protected from mold, fungi and other contaminants, which ultimately extends the life of your cannabis products.
cvault storage containers

Protect Your Investment

If your cannabis business requires shipping or storing extracts in Canada, EVault is the best cannabis oil storage container on the market. It is the only secure and sanitary extract storage product available. Unlike other storage containers, the EVault won’t break if dropped. It protects contents from temperature and humidity changes, ensuring your product arrives in the same state it left your shop. For a fraction of the price of a distillate investment, EVault is an inexpensive but very necessary form of insurance for cannabis extracts.

Easy to Clean

We recommend washing CVault and EVault storage containers before and after each use to keep your product free from contamination or impurities. The cleaning process is very simple:

  • Step 1: Wash the container with a mild detergent, soft cloth and warm water.
  • Step 2: Rinse it well.
  • Step 3: Wipe the interior and exterior of the container with a soft cloth until completely dry.

Tip: Don’t use any abrasive cleaning tools or products, as they will compromise the integrity of the storage container. If you don’t have time for a complete clean or just want to get rid of a few fingerprint smudges, an isopropyl alcohol wipe will do the trick. In the off-chance your container is stained, a little baking soda and water will eliminate it completely.

The CVault and EVault are easy to clean, and clean containers perform better and last longer. Take care of your storage containers, and they will take care of your marijuana products.

Choose CVault in Canada

From safety to freshness, proper storage of cannabis and hemp flower and extracts is essential. FreshStor provides affordable and easy-to-use storage solutions to preserve dried and liquid cannabis products in Canada. The CVault and EVault guarantee long-term product consistency.
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