Cannabis Storage in Canada

The CVault®

O Canada! While it’s true that we love to poke fun at our overly polite, hockey-playing, maple syrup-loving siblings to the north, the reality is that Canada is far more progressive than the United States when it comes to cannabis. It’s true, eh. While we may make fun of England’s castoff country, Canadian adults over the age 18 can legally consume both medicinal and recreational cannabis in Canada with no problem. 

Yes b’y, with the enactment of the Cannabis Act in October 2018, Canada became the second country in the world (superseded only by Uruguay) to formally legalize not only the consumption but also the cultivation, possession and acquisition of cannabis and its many byproducts. With an EY Canada’s “State of The Industry” report showing that the Canadian cannabis marketplace has since grown at a double-digit rate after legalization, going from a market of $1.2 billion in 2019 to $4.7 billion in 2022, Canucks stand to set a regulatory blueprint for the rest of the world. With almost 4,000 retail locations where one can purchase cannabis in Canada, there is an endless supply of quality products at affordable prices. But now that ya can fill yer boots with the green and no longer have to ask “Is recreational cannabis legal in Canada?” where are ya gonna put it all?

The CVault in Canada

Look, Bud — If you’ve spent some of those hard earned loonies and toonies on some premium pot, it’s just common sense that you need to protect it from damaging elements like air, light and temperature. Good weed should taste great and smell great, and keepin’ it in an old Timmies tin is a hoser move.

When it comes to the ultimate storage solution for your flower, getting yourself a CVault in Canada is the smartest move you can make. CVaults are the no-thinking-required way to maintain the integrity of whatever you put inside, ensuring both freshness and potency for even longer than you would think is possible.

Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and equipped with silicone rings and secure latches to create an airtight seal, CVaults can not only prevent your nugs from getting dried out or spongy but can actually enhance and improve their aroma and taste. Shiny, beautiful and inconspicuous, in sizes that can contain anywhere from a quarter ounce to a mammoth two pounds, CVaults are built to last for years. Think of it as the perfect way to protect your investment. In just a few clicks, you can have a CVault Canada sent right to your door.

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EVault: Extract Storage in Canada

When you’re looking for a way to store those marijuana concentrates, hashes, waxes and oils in a way that ensures potency and product weight while protecting those delicate terpenes, an EVault is the way to go. 

From the geniuses who created the revolutionary CVault comes the EVault: an evolution in plant extract containment. These 316 stainless steel beauts have increased thickness and seamless interiors along with nesting capabilities for the most minimal storage footprint possible. Available in three, seven and 21-liter capacities, EVaults provide secure and sanitary protection that in turn provides you with peace of mind. For everything from liquids to fine powders, whether as a fixture in your home or for secure packaging and shipping, EVaults provide the ultimate in simple and easy product protection

Portable Cannabis Storage in Canada

For cannabis in Canada that you can take wherever you go, the CVault “twist” is exactly what you need. 

Offering all the benefits of a CVault but in a smaller, more transportable size, the CVault “twist” was designed to be the perfect little travel buddy. In a quarter ounce or half ounce size that can easily fit in your pocket or purse, the CVault “twist” provides sleek, discreet protection with a smell-proof, airtight seal so no one but you knows what you’ve got going on. 

With a three-nub twisting closure and an angled holder to keep the included Boveda firmly in place, this mini CVault is small but mighty in providing the perfect humidity-controlled environment for your traveling companion, Mary Jane.  Whether you’re staying close to home or navigating through multiple provinces, a “twist” CVault in Canada is the perfect accessory wherever you go out for a rip.

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Is recreational cannabis legal in Canada? Yes!

It’s time to step up your cannabis storage game. Investing in yourself and getting a CVault in Canada is a wise move, whether you’re balling up in The Peg or Cowtown, in T Dot or The Big E. From individual CVaults to Home Grow Kits to deluxe combo packs , the one and only name to remember when it comes to award-winning cannabis storage in the Great White North is FreshStor. No imitators can even come close.

Choose CVault in Canada

From safety to freshness, proper storage of cannabis and hemp flower and extracts is essential. FreshStor provides affordable and easy-to-use storage solutions to preserve dried and liquid cannabis products in Canada. The CVault and EVault guarantee long-term product consistency.
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