Cannabis Storage in British Columbia

If you’re looking for the best way to cure, store and transport your cannabis throughout British Columbia, the CVault is exactly what you need. The CVault is unique and perfect for personal use, home grows and large cannabis cultivation operations. CVaults are crafted from the quality 304 food-grade stainless steel, thus making it ideal for cannabis curing and storage. You won’t find a better airtight cannabis storage container in all of British Columbia.

Unparalleled Protection

The sanitation and security of FreshStor’s CVault and EVault products are unparalleled by anything on the market today. Protecting your cannabis in airtight, humidity-controlled stainless steel containers throughout British Columbia equates to top-of-the-line security for you and your business. Not only are these containers airtight, but they also are incredibly durable. The CVault and EVault pay for themselves within the first few uses and easily stand the test of time as long as you follow the proper cleaning tips.

airtight cannabis storage containers british columbia

Extracts Storage Solutions

It doesn’t matter where you’re located in the vast climes of BC, your extracts deserve the same unparalleled care as your cannabis. Don’t worry — FreshStor has you covered. Look no further than the EVault for your liquid and fine powder extracts.

The EVault was created to keep your extracts as pure as possible by preventing contamination and product loss. Crafted from 316 pharma-grade stainless steel, the EVault is an essential airtight container found in British Columbia. The high-quality steel prevents potentially dangerous seepage of unwanted compounds into your distillate, isolate, kief and more. This makes the EVault the perfect cannabis storage container for your liquids and fine powders in British Columbia.

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Cleaning Your Containers

The best way to extend the life of your CVault or EVault is to regularly clean and sanitize them. Regular upkeep will also ensure that your products are stored in a healthy atmosphere.

Before you decide to clean your airtight container in British Columbia, remember you should never use anything too harsh or abrasive. If you need to quickly clean your cannabis container, rub it down with an isopropyl alcohol wipe and let it dry completely before your next use.

However if you find a very stubborn stain that just will not come off, use a mix of water and baking soda. Gently rub the mixture on any blemishes and rinse, and avoid using abrasive cleaning materials.

airtight cvault storage containers in British Columbia

Climate and Cruise Control

The entirety of British Columbia could not agree on one climate, but what it can agree on is that FreshStor products are ideal regardless of where you live. In the central area, where the temperatures can get quite toasty, the CVault and EVault will keep your product fresh and extend its shelf life. Likewise, during the cold winter months in the north and on the coast, these containers will keep your product at the optimal humidity level. No wonder these airtight containers are considered to be the best cannabis storage in British Columbia.

If you’re purchasing a storage container for personal use, it’s important to understand the law! According to the new legislature, you can pack your airtight cannabis storage containers full of smokable products in British Columbia only in motorhomes or other motor vehicles, campers or trailers when being used as a private residence and parked off a public road or forest service road where camping is allowed. Keep that in mind the next time you want to take a little road trip.

To keep your product fresh no matter your location, FreshStor has partnered with the best humidity control product in the industry: Boveda. Our CVaults and EVaults have a patented pocket designed to fit a Boveda pack within the container but off of your cannabis products to keep them in perfect condition regardless of climate. The last thing you want is your cannabis to become defiled by the changing climate or the container itself. Boveda and CVault are the perfect pair to reduce the chance of dryness, excessive moisture, mold and fungi buildup, and excess shake.

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The Only Choice

Whether you’re a dispensary owner looking for the reliable storage for your cannabis in British Columbia or you’re a cultivator, producer or processor needing a solution to cure, store and transport your product, make sure you are housing your goods using the CVault or EVault by FreshStor. These are without a doubt the best storage products on the market to keep your cannabis flower and extracts fresh and contaminant-free, thus making them the only choice for all your cannabis storage in British Columbia, regardless of form. FreshStor offers the world’s smartest curing and storage containers — no thinking required!

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