CVault: Cannabis Storage in Arizona

If you’re looking for the best way to store your cannabis, tobacco and spices in the Arizona heat, look no further than the CVault. The CVault has no equal. It is crafted from high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel. You won’t find a better commercial weed storage container in Arizona. And it’s an obvious addition to dispensary resale products as the perfect Arizona stash can for personal use.

Storing Extracts in Arizona

The arid, desert climate of Arizona requires different storage solutions for your cannabis. Looking to store or cure weed? The CVault is the way to go. However, if you need to store fine powders and liquid extracts, the EVault is the perfect choice for secure and sanitary extract storage. The EVault was created to keep your product in its most natural state by ensuring the maintenance of weight and product loss.

Manufactured using 316 pharma-grade stainless steel, the EVault canister prevents potentially dangerous seepage of unwanted compounds into your liquid and extract products. The secure latches make it a great choice for packaging and transporting!

Arizona Weed Container Stash Can

Humidity Control in the Arizona Heat

It’s no surprise that Arizona is known for its intense dry heat. To keep your cannabis products from being negatively impacted by the climate, there are a few additional concerns for your Arizona weed container. Don’t lose humidity and thereby product weight due to lack of humidity control.

Luckily, FreshStor has the perfect partner for keeping your product fresh: Boveda. Combined with Boveda humidity control packs, each of our CVault and EVault containers includes a patented pocket for Boveda packs to keep your product in perfect condition. The last thing you want with your weed container is to become defiled by the Arizona climate. Secure latches and patented two-way humidity control reduces the chance of too much or not enough moisture.

cvault storage containers

Protection You Can Trust

Let’s face it: creating a thriving cannabis business is expensive and difficult work. It would be an absolute shame to have your money and product flushed down the drain because you were not using the proper stash cans or weed containers in Arizona.

The sanitation and security of FreshStor’s CVault and EVault products are unparalleled by anything on the market today. Protecting your cannabis in airtight, humidity-controlled stainless steel containers equates to unmatched security for you and your business. Not only are these containers airtight but they also are incredibly durable. The CVault and EVault pay for themselves within the first few uses and easily stand the test of time.

The time is now to invest in your cannabis business in Arizona by incorporating the world’s smartest curing and storage container. No thinking required!

cvault storage containers

Cleaning Your Containers

To preserve the life and vitality of your CVault or EVault, you should practice proper cleaning on a regular basis. Routine upkeep will also ensure your product will live in a healthy atmosphere.

Before you decide to clean your Arizona stash can with just anything, please remember to never use anything too harsh, such as abrasives or heavy detergents. If you use an abrasive, there is the potential to threaten the state of your product and ruin your container. Warm water and mild detergent are all you need.

If you would like to offer your weed container a quick refresh in the Arizona heat, use an isopropyl alcohol wipe — not rubbing alcohol — and be sure to let dry completely before your next use.

Pro tip: If there is a very stubborn stain that just will not come off, use a mix of water and baking soda. Gently rub this mixture on the stain to remove any blemishes on your weed container.

Arizona Weed Container Stash Can CVault Storage

The Only Choice

The airtight, stainless steel construction of CVault® and EVault™ storage containers will ensure your product is protected from excessive exposure to air, light and moisture. Combine them with a Boveda humidity pack for a longer shelf-life — and even to revive old product! Keeping your product fresh and contaminant-free is of the utmost importance to FreshStor. Our products are affordable and integral to successful cannabis cultivation and the only choice for liquid and solid cannabis extract storage.

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