The Best Airtight Cannabis Storage in Alberta

Alberta cannabis storage just got a whole lot easier. As a weed professional, you know the devastating effects that light, air and poor humidity can have on your harvest and products. That’s why finding the perfect storage containers can be so frustrating — nothing seems to cover all the bases. The CVault addresses every one of those concerns, so you can cure and store your supply without a second thought.

CVault is lightweight, durable and impenetrable to light, plus it’s humidity-controlled. That’s right — we’ve put it all together to perfect reliable cannabis storage in Alberta.

alberta airtight cannabis storage

What is CVault?

CVault is the world’s smartest curing and storage container, no thinking required. Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, the CVault has a wide opening for easy access and cleaning, multiple clasps and a silicone ring for a reliable seal, and a holder for the two-way Boveda humidity pak to keep the internal humidity consistent. Made specifically for curing and storing cannabis, the CVault is the ideal option for Alberta airtight storage when it matters.

Alberta Cannabis Storage for Cultivators & Producers

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect conditions for your plants and waited until the ideal moment to harvest their buds. With all the care that goes into growing your craft cannabis, why would you risk its quality after picking?

There are a lot of opportunities for light, air and humidity to affect your product along the production chain, including transportation from the field or greenhouse, to the lab/processing, during curing and then to the dispensary on its way to the consumer. You want to protect the vital compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids that you carefully cultivated, which is why you need intelligent, Alberta airtight cannabis storage. CVault is the protection you need at all of these stages.

Benefits of CVault’s all-in-one curing and storage solution:

  • No loss of weight (due to moisture loss)
  • No risk of mold
  • Reliable protection from light, air and moisture
  • A constant level of humidity
  • Avoid cross-contamination between strains
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Stackable to save space
  • Product consistency
  • Peace of mind during transport between locations
  • Comes in a large variety of sizes for each stage of production and every size operation, from 2L to 21L.

Airtight Storage for Alberta’s Dispensaries & Distributors

Not just for cultivators, our solution for Alberta cannabis storage is perfect for distributors and dispensaries as well. If you are opening and closing your storage containers multiple times a day, there is an increased risk of degradation or contamination of your bud. To keep your products at their peak freshness, we recommend storing the bulk of the flower in a large CVault, and less in a smaller one that is opened more frequently. This helps your main supply stay fresher for longer.

Benefits of using CVault for Alberta Cannabis Storage:

  • Your inventory stays fresh longer
  • Can revive older product
  • Long-term storage while maintaining quality
  • Maintain product weight, as it won’t dry out
  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Avoid odors and container failures during shipping
  • Sizes from 1/2oz to 2L capacity
airtight isolate extract storage in alberta

Meet the EVault: Alberta Airtight Storage for Liquids & Powders

Don’t think we forgot about flower extract storage! With the EVault, we have created the perfect Alberta airtight storage solution for your distillates, isolates, powders, oils and more. Thanks to the added protection from upgraded 316 stainless steel, the EVault is ideal to store and transport fine powders and liquids.

With the same airtight, light-blocking, secure features of the CVault, you know your products are safe from contamination and container accidents. Additionally, the EVault helps avoid any conspicuous odors that you may not want during transportation or storage.

plant extract storage | protection for distillate investment

Increase Your Brand Awareness with FreshStor

If our proprietary, no-fuss Alberta cannabis storage solution isn’t already amazing enough, we have created a program to help you increase your own brand awareness while using the CVault or EVault.

With our white label promotional opportunity, you can use product with your own branding. As cannabis products become increasingly accepted in the mainstream, this is a unique and excellent way to stand out.

The opportunities are endless. Brand your product every step of the way, ensure your products are stored correctly (in your branded containers) at the dispensary or if you own a dispensary, offer your own branded CVault with a minimum purchase.

It’s About Peace of Mind

When your product is at its peak quality, you want it to stay that way as long as possible. And when you use FreshStor’s CVault or Evault, you know you’re getting the best Alberta airtight storage on the market. Simple, smart and reusable. It’s perfect.

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