Cannabis Laws and Sales in Washington State

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Cannabis sales in Washington state are booming. A decade ago, the Evergreen State became the first in the United States to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and authorize recreational cannabis sales. Washington beat Colorado in doing this by three hours. It was a smart move that was way ahead of its time. In the Fiscal Year 2022, a new report shows that both states generated more tax revenue from marijuana than from alcohol or cigarettes. Cannabis sales in Washington state brought in a whopping $517 million in cannabis taxes as compared to the $490 million from alcohol and $380 million from cigarettes.

Marijuana legalization not only generates money for tax coffers but has also been linked to a decrease in usage of alcohol, nicotine and non-prescription opioids in young adults. Another recent study tied marijuana usage to significant reductions in the use of prescription drugs for the treatment of pain, sleep, anxiety and seizures. While marijuana still remains technically illegal under Federal Law, cannabis laws in Washington say that adults over 21 can legally use and possess small amounts of marijuana — one ounce of usable marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana-infused products (like edibles), and 72 ounces of liquid marijuana-infused products (like tinctures).

The ability to procure high-quality cannabis in the state of Washington is not difficult. The real question then becomes — once you have it, where are you going to keep it? What are the best Washington cannabis storage options to protect your investment and ensure minimal loss of potency? And the answer to that is easy. No need to look any further than FreshStor, creators and innovators of the ultimate in cannabis storage solutions.


Cannabis Storage in Washington

Washington cannabis is some of the most beautiful, aromatic and delicious bud around. But keeping it in its original packaging is not the best idea. Those little mylar plastic containers will not only cause your flower to lose its moisture, but can also contain enough of a static charge to cause those precious little trichomes to fall off your buds and stick to the sides. Even one of those “better for the planet” sustainable cannabis jars may not be the best choice –- not only are they subject to shattering if accidentally dropped, they also do not provide the necessary environment your green needs to remain tasty and fresh.

You want to be able to control your weed’s exposure to all of the elements — air, light, heat and moisture. A CVault from FreshStor does all that and more. CVaults are constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel with silicone gaskets and secure latching systems. CVaults are to cannabis what humidors are to cigars — CVaults protect whatever you place inside them so that not only appearance but taste and potency are secure and protected without giving it a second thought.

CVaults, along with the included Boveda humidity packs, create the perfect environment for not only quality of product but extended shelf-life. In a wide variety of sizes that can contain anywhere between a quarter of an ounce to more than five pounds, CVaults are not only beautiful to look at but a far superior choice to anything else you may have been using. Ensure flavor, ensure freshness, ensure happiness by ordering for yourself the number one choice in Washington cannabis storage today.

EVault: Cannabis Extract Storage in Washington

In the same way that CVaults revolutionized how ‘Toners and cannabis producers store their cannabis, EVaults have revolutionized how processors store their extracts. When looking for the best possible way to contain cannabis-extracted oils, powders, isolates and distillates, the EVault “no thinking required” product protection system is second to none.

The 316 stainless steel-constructed EVaults have always created and maintained the perfect environment for retention of potency, terpenes and product weight, but the new and improved EVaults have taken quality to an even higher level with increased thickness, a seamless interior and nesting capabilities for an even more minimal storage footprint. Currently available in 3-, 7- and 21-liter capacities, EVaults offer incomparable sanitary and secure protection for personal users and manufacturers alike. Experience an EVault for yourself and see once and for all why no other Washington cannabis storage for extracts even comes close.

CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in Washington

Whether you live in or are visiting Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane or Bellingham, you don’t want anything to keep you from bringing Mary Jane with you wherever adventure may lead. And now you don’t have to — the CVault “twist” from FreshStor provides all of the premium storage and protection of any of the larger CVaults but in a smaller quarter-ounce and half-ounce sizes for better portability.

Far superior to using one of those sustainable cannabis jars, the durable 304 stainless-steel body of the CVault “twist” ensures that no one can see what you’re carrying, while the thick silicone gasket and reliable seal makes it so no one can smell what you’re carrying either. With a unique and secure three-nub twisting closure, and a specially designed angled holder on top created specifically for the included Boveda humidity pack, the CVault “twist” fits perfectly inside a pocket or purse for the ultimate in Washington cannabis storage on the go. Smoke it if you’ve got it and share it with your friends — the “no thinking required” traveling cannabis container from FreshStor is your new best bud.

Washington Industry Veterans Choose CVault

Just like Washington state has always been ahead of its time, FreshStor has always been on the cutting edge of cannabis storage and protection as well. The two go together like coffee and the PNW. See for yourself what all the buzz is about.

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