Why Do So Many Moms Love Marijuana

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Women everywhere seem to be ditching their daily glass of wine for weed. Whether to help deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of motherhood or to manage symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD), many women are challenging the nuanced stigma traditionally associated with cannabis consumption. These loud and proud cannabis moms seem to be rejecting the notion that they’re lazy stoners or other stereotypes historically associated with pot use and are also said to be one the fastest growing markets of cannabis consumers today. With this market increase comes a need for reliable information about cannabis products for moms, effects, and other important info like proper storage and safety. Let’s explore some of the reasons why moms are turning to weed and get to know a few leaving the green closet behind them to publicly advocate for the benefits of cannabis and provide helpful information to other moms using cannabis.

Why Some Moms are Turning To Weed

1. To Lose the Hangover

Many women will tell you that motherhood is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs they have ever done. From utter exhaustion to questioning every decision you make as a mom, motherhood is downright hard work! That’s probably why so many turned to wine and alcohol to help them relax after a long day. However, the alcohol hangover proved to be a bummer and a barrier the following day. For many, switching to cannabis seemed to be a no-brainer. Especially since it’s now legal in many U.S states and is said to provide little-to-no effects! Except for an elevated mood and a good night’s sleep, that is. 

2. To Support Their Mental Health, Especially Postpartum 

Another reason moms are turning to weed is because it can support their mental health. As discussed, motherhood can affect one’s overall mood and mental health, and for those experiencing Postpartum Depression, this can be excruciating. Effects of PPD include anxiety, overwhelming sadness, and other symptoms which are often treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Yet, we know that these drugs can have their own negative side effects and are thought to only provide a temporary band-aid. Thankfully, PPD is a recognized condition under most medical marijuana programs and mothers now have a plant-based alternative to help them soothe the effects of PPD. 

3. Education and Safety 

Now that the War on Drugs and Reefer Madness propaganda are losing visibility, some moms are using their cannabis consumption as an opportunity to have open dialogue with their kids (once age-appropriate, of course) about the benefits and risks of consuming weed products. And, where there were once bottles of wine and other alcohol products visible in the home, their cannabis is likely secure in a container and in a locked cabinet or closet. Not only is cannabis generally secured in the home, likely the parents don’t have as much or any liquor or wine out. For proper and safe cannabis storage tips and tricks, check out Freshstor for excellent stainless steel storage containers. 

Meet Some of the Women Advocating Cannabis Use for Moms

1. Pot Moms Podcast

This Washington-based podcast is geared towards de-stigmatizing pot and those who smoke it, especially moms because as they say, “kids are hard”. Pot Moms hosts weekly podcasts with parenting hacks, real-life stories, and of course, their favorite cannabis products to get you through.

pot moms podcast
Image Credit: Pot Mom’s Podcast Facebook

2. The Mommy Jane

After spending years “wrapped up in wine culture” Jessica Gonzales, aka The Mommy Jane turned to cannabis. With a twitter bio that says, “packing lunches and bowls since 2008”, this popular weed mom credits her mental health and ability to be a present and compassionate mother to her children to cannabis. However, like many women who use medicinal or recreational cannabis, her husband wasn’t the biggest fan of weed, so for some time, Jessica had to hide her consumption. Luckily he’s since come around and is an avid supporter of his wife’s choice to use weed. 

mommy jane
Image Credit: The Mommy Jane

3. Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Blunt Blowin’ Mama is a community for real moms and ladies who proudly consume cannabis. Blunt Blowin’ Mama came about one day after I tried looking for women who looked like me (young and brown) that were open stoners and proud moms. Founder, Shonitria, started BBM after deciding to stop hiding her use of cannabis in hopes of bringing together other women and moms. In addition to an informative Podcast, pregnancy and motherhood-related workshops and a mom-centered book club, BBM has an incredible merchandise line with witty sayings challenging the stigma around moms and cannabis. Her most popular statement t-shirt and sweatshirt appropriately says, “Moms Who Smoke Weed Are Not Bad Moms”. Get yours here

blunt blowin' mama
Image Credit: Blunt Blowin’ Momma

Cannabis moms are not bad! It’s time to de-stigmatize the notion of mammas using cannabis to help deal with the day-to-day struggles of motherhood. At FreshStor, we offer quality storage solutions for moms (and everyone). Check out the CVault – one of the number one storage cannabis products for moms!