Cannabis Laws in Maryland

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This last election saw the Old Line State changing their cannabis laws in Maryland and legally approving the use of recreational marijuana. That officially goes into effect in July 2023 — but when should Marylanders expect to be able to buy pot in the state? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story, Hon.

With resident support at more than 66%, Question 4 was easily approved, creating a referendum that allows people over the age of 21 to possess, use and grow small amounts of marijuana. But defining exactly what are the cannabis laws in Maryland is a little bit more complicated.

Starting January 2023, possession of small amounts of cannabis changes from being a criminal offense to a civil one – up until July when legalization will be fully realized. The motivating factor in getting this referendum to the people was not so much about the state taxing and making money from the sale of Maryland cannabis, but instead stopping unnecessary arrests and the criminalization of cannabis users. With the task of setting up and regulating this new industry under the direction of the General Assembly, it could well be years before cannabis sales Maryland become an actual thing.

While Maryland medical marijuana legalization went into effect eight years ago, the legalization of weed for recreational purposes has been a long time coming for the state — one of five states across the United States who put that question to a vote this election and one of only two, along with Missouri, to approve it. It will take time to create the framework needed for licensing and regulation for this new industry, and cannabis laws in Maryland have yet to define exactly how much the state tax on recreational bud will be or how much it will cost consumers.

Typically, it takes three to four years for a state to fully meet adult-use demand. There are currently 160,000 Marylanders with medical marijuana cards, and in 2021 those dispensaries sold about $600 million worth of medicinal weed. But next July, more than 4 million Free State residents will be able to legally possess recreational Maryland cannabis. Growers of cannabis need to be prepared to produce the volume of cannabis that the general public may (will) demand, and consumers need to be ready to store all of the amazing green that will soon be available — FreshStor is ready to help on both those fronts.


Cannabis Storage in Maryland for Personal Use

In case you are not fully aware of what are the cannabis laws in Maryland, adult residents are now legally allowed to possess up to 1.5 ounces of bud. Whether in Moco, Hoco, PG or OC, if you are lucky enough to be holding, you want to take care of it. You want your product to stay fresher and last longer. Enter the CVault.

The CVaults is not only an ideal container for storage, but it also enhances taste and improves smoothness and can even revive old cannabis flower. CVaults are manufactured from 304 food-grade stainless steel, have wide mouths for easy access, reliable seals, and specially designed pack holders for the Boveda two-way humidity control pack that is included with purchase.

The CVault “twist” is available in quarter-ounce and half-ounce capacities for discreet portability, and larger one-ounce and two-ounce sizes for use at home, the revolutionary design of the CVault makes them the absolute ultimate in high-quality affordable Maryland cannabis storage.

CVault: Cannabis Storage in Maryland for Cultivation

Home grow kits and combo packs are made for cultivators. There is a reason that CVaults are known as “The World’s Smartest Curing & Storage Containers – No Thinking Required!” If you want to become part of the burgeoning industry before cannabis sales Maryland start, learning to deliver a consistent product every time is essential. Set up reliable SOPs from the beginning with containers that won’t degrade its contents. Plastic, bags and glass just won’t cut it.

Protect your investment and grow your profits by preventing any weight reduction in your bounty. Easy to clean and sanitize, CVaults control not only the humidity of their environment but also any unnecessary exposure to elements like light and air with their 304 food-grade stainless steel construction and silicon rings. To increase shelf-life with zero effort expended, nothing else can compare to the long-lasting durability that comes with every CVault.

EVault: Extract Storage in Maryland

Just as CVaults provide an ideal environment for your cannabis, EVaults provide sanitary and secure protection for your distillates, isolates, powders and other cannabis extracts. EVaults are constructed from 316-grade stainless steel, creating the perfect environment for your extracts. EVaults ensure the potency, terpenes and weight of your products are maintained and retained for far longer than any other containers.

The new and improved EVaults now have increased thickness, a seamless interior and nesting capabilities for a more minimal storage footprint. Available in 3-liter, 7-liter and 21-liter capacities, EVaults provide peace of mind knowing your valuable extracted plant materials are safe and protected from outside elements. EVaults revolutionize cannabis extract storage.

Maryland Cannabis Storage

While it is true that the new cannabis laws in Maryland may not implement change as quickly as some may have hoped, the need for Maryland cannabis storage is real — and easily solved now. FreshStor offers the ultimate in protection for your personal stash, as well as larger cannabis curing and storage options.

A CVault or EVault investment is one you can be proud of, because they are not only beautiful and dependable but built to last for years to come, and they come with an exclusive One-Year Performance Guarantee. Shipping is always free within the contiguous United States for orders over $175, and there is a helpful and educated FreshStor support team to answer any and all questions.

Don’t hesitate. Ard, Hon — let’s do this! Make getting a FreshStor product of your very own the move — so you can see for yourself the ultimate in cannabis storage. Give us a shout if you have questions or are looking for bulk deals.

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