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The spread of legalization across the United States continues to bring new, creative ways to consume cannabis. Nowadays, cannabis connoisseurs can choose from a wide variety of ways to partake in plant medicine, from vaporizing to using topical creams, eating edibles, using tinctures and many more. But, did you know you can also drink cannabis? That’s right, cannabis cocktails are here! Infused seltzers, teas, lemonades and a ton more interesting new drinks are now on the market. But if you’re a beer fan, you’re probably most excited about this one: cannabis-infused beer, aka weed beer or THC-infused beer.

Drinking weed beer is a great way to enjoy the effects of cannabis without inhaling any smoke. Hops and cannabis are a match made in heaven, with tons of variety in taste and effects based on the type of cannabis beer you’re drinking. In fact, hops and cannabis are from the same plant family, Cannabaceae. Beyond tasting great and giving you a unique kind of buzz, cannabis-infused beer is naturally gluten-free and typically low-calorie because it uses cannabis rather than barley in the brewing process.

Whether you prefer CBD or THC, there are plenty of options when it comes to weed beer. As more and more states legalize cannabis, brewers across the country are experimenting with CBD beer and THC infused beer. If you’ve ever been curious about giving it a try, here’s the rundown on all things weed beer.

What is Cannabis Beer?

Cannabis infused beer is made by incorporating the cannabis plant’s extracts into the beer recipe. In the United States, cannabis-infused beer does not contain any alcohol because mixing alcohol and cannabis is considered to be dangerous. Typically, weed beer will contain up to 10 milligrams of either THC or CBD, with no alcohol content. Leaving out the alcohol content in a cannabis-infused beer allows the combination of cannabis and hops to create unique flavor profiles that elevate the consumption experience while staying safe for the user.

Depending on whether the beer is infused with CBD or THC, you will feel different effects similar to consuming CBD or THC edibles. For example, drinking a CBD beer may lead to feelings of physical relaxation and calmness, cause you to feel sleepy, or according to scientific studies, it can help take away pain and mental anxiety. On the other hand, drinking THC infused beer may elevate your mood, heighten your senses and can cause feelings of euphoria and lightness.

Who Makes Weed Beer?

There are many brewers who are making weed beer across the United States and beyond. To find some in your area, reach out to local breweries or do some research about cannabis-infused beer in your state. Each state has different laws and regulations about drinking cannabis. But here are some of the most popular breweries who are making weed beer:

New Belgium, one of America’s largest breweries, makes a hemp beer called The Hemperor. Although this weed beer does not contain CBD or THC, it has a weed-like aroma and flavors that amplify the hoppiness.

Looking to try a THC infused beer? Try Flying Dog Brewing Co’s collaboration with Leaf Medical Cannabis, Hop Chronic. It’s a THC infused IPA. Two Roots also makes weed beer like the Tropical Infamy infused hefeweizen. Two Roots also makes fruity infused beer with flavors like mango and grapefruit. Blood Orange Haze by High Style Brewing is another popular weed beer.

If you’re searching for a CBD infused beer, try Untitled Art’s CBD infused pilsner. Gilgamesh Brewing also makes a CBD pale ale. Two Flowers IPA by Coalition Brewing Company or Mindful Monk by Naughty Monk Brewery are other great options for CBD beer.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Beer?

If you’re ready to give weed beer a try, turn to your local dispensary for more information. You can also visit specific breweries’ websites to see where they are located and try them for yourself. Talk to your local brewers and dispensary representatives to find out more about infused beer in your area, as state laws around cannabis consumption differ.

To Infusions and Beyond

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who enjoys beer, trying weed beer could be a fun way to indulge in your extract of choice. From THC infused beer to CBD and hemp beer, there are tons of options and flavors to choose from. Explore your local breweries and ask if they serve any infused beer. Or chat with a representative from a local dispensary to find out more information about enjoying cannabis beer in your area. As more and more states legalize cannabis and new ways of consuming cannabis are developed, the options are limitless. Instead of using your topical cream or eating an edible, crack open an infused beer next time!

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