How to Find a 420-Friendly Vacation Rental

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Summer is here! For many people, this means vacation! Now that it finally feels like we’re most of the way back to normal after the pandemic, most folks need a break now more than ever. And whether you’re looking for a solo jaunt, a trip for two or something more, if your best bud is Mary Jane.

There’s no reason to leave her behind when you travel or even hide your relationship! As legalization continues to sweep our nation, cannabis travel is not only something you don’t need to hide — it’s something you can actually factor into your plans! Forbes estimated cannabis tourism as a $17 billion dollar industry, and cannabis-friendly stays are now more popular than ever. You’ve got lots of choices when it comes to cannabis-friendly hotels and 420-friendly Airbnbs. Once you’ve chosen your desired destination, you just need to know where to look for the perfect accommodations. And we’re here to help you on do just that.

Bud and Breakfast

With an easy-to-navigate site launched in 2015, Bud and Breakfast offers marijuana-friendly lodging that goes beyond bare-bones, hostel-style accommodations and provides world-class rentals in top vacation destinations. As the once-niche market of cannabis-friendly stays continues to grow, the Bud and Breakfast site does too, connecting guests with hosts who allow guests to consume marijuana on their properties.

As simple as any other travel site on the web, you indicate where and when you’d like to visit, then filter results to find the absolutely perfect cannabis-friendly hotel, room, bed and breakfast or other accommodation for your visit. This straightforward booking service takes out all the guesswork for their cannabis travel customers.


The hosts on HiBnb not only offer up cannabis friendly hotels and places to stay, but also cannabis related events, activities and adventures. Some will even have cannabis gifts waiting for you when you arrive. You can even filter listings by which cannabis accessories will be made available to you during your stay, such as a vaporizer or dab rig.

HiBnb prides themselves upon making sure that every one of their cannabis friendly lodging options makes you feel welcome, with no one ever judging you or complaining about the smell. Their goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals who are creative, open and accepting.


Newer and, because of that, with a smaller number of listings, online startup Vibesbnb has been courting guests who do not want to be inconvenienced when they smoke up. With everything from private rooms to entire residences, this is a great site to check out when looking for a cannabis friendly rental, especially if you are looking to vacation in Florida, one of the top vacation destinations within the US. Protip: In Florida, smoking cannabis is only allowed at a private residence.


A little more streamlined site, travelTHC only lists accommodations in Denver, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego. This Colorado-based tourism company connects you with marijuana-friendly vacation accommodations and has been featured everywhere from The Huffington Post to GQ to National Geographic to Good Morning America.

Perfect for those traveling to Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon or Washington, travelTHC plans to soon expand to include listings in Maine, Massachusetts and Alaska. If owners allow guests to enjoy cannabis on their rental property, travelTHC lets them list it for free. If the property is not 420 friendly, they will still list it — but for a price of one billion dollars.


Let’s face it, while using the above sites to find cannabis friendly hotels can make it super easy to find a place to stay and smoke up, the Airbnb site still reigns supreme when it comes to the most extensive listings of short-term rental spaces. And when vacationing in locations outside the big cities, you want to be able to choose from as many different property options as possible.

So how do you specifically find 420 friendly Airbnbs? There is a workaround. When searching the site, simply open the filters menu, scroll down to the “house rules” section and select the box that says “smoking allowed”. You then look for phrases like “420 friendly” or similar language in the search results. Clicking “unique listings” under the filters can also often direct you to 420 friendly Airbnbs.

While Airbnb does not currently make it possible to search by keyword, you can always do a Google search of the city you are planning to visit plus the words “airbnb” and “cannabis” or “420-friendly” to get some good hits. And when in doubt, better safe than sorry — just click the “Contact Host” button on a listing page and send a message the host to ask about their stance.

Legalization and cannabis travel

Recreational marijuana has been legalized in Washington, D.C and Guam plus 21 out of the 50 states within the US. Medical marijuana is legal in 39 states. A few decades ago, more than two thirds of Americans were opposed to cannabis legalization, but that is no longer the case. Since the legalization movement began in 1996 with California voters approving cannabis’ use for medical purposes, more and more of our fifty nifty have followed in kind. A 2022 poll showed that only one in 10 people in the US still oppose legalization, most of them falling into an older demographic.

Regardless of what the states have proclaimed, though, it is important to remember that interstate traveling with cannabis is still federally illegal, so cannabis travelers crossing state lines are still at risk of being arrested. In progressive states such as Colorado, California, Oregon, New York and New Jersey, prosecution is extremely unlikely. They’ve reported that they won’t be seizing personal amounts nor pressing charges — but that is not a guarantee. So make sure that wherever you go, you bring everything that you need for safe cannabis travel. And if you haven’t already, make sure to get yourself a CVault “twist”. The CVault “twist” provides all the long-lasting flavor and freshness protection of the revolutionary CVault by FreshStor, but in smaller quarter ounce or half ounce sizes that makes it perfect for travel. This on-the-go cannabis container protects your precious product from light, air and moisture and makes sure no one but you can see or smell what you’re carrying on your next adventure.

Check out the FreshStor website and get ready to travel the world again while enjoying it all exactly as you choose.