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California Cannabis Storage

California Weed Storage

California has always been ahead of its time. The Golden State was the first to make medicinal marijuana legal when voters passed the Compassionate Care Act in 1996, and cannabis has been approved for recreational use in CA for more than five years. As of January 2022, consumer groups estimate there are nearly 900 licensed dispensaries in California along with almost 400 licensed marijuana delivery businesses. That’s a lot of bud, bud, so smoke it if you’ve got it. But now that there’s no longer any worry about where to find it–how do you keep it fresh and uncontaminated? Plastic baggies and mason jars might have been adequate back in the day, but with legalization has come major product improvements! If you care about maintaining the quality of your weed, you should update how you store your cannabis. Enter FreshStor and their no-thinking-required, premium cannabis storage solutions. FreshStor’s world-renowned CVaults and EVaults can take your California weed storage to a whole new level. Try their California cannabis containers now!

CVault: Cannabis Storage in California

Californian’s sure do love their herb, but you know what they don’t love? Degradation. Mold. Dry texture. Bad taste. Contamination. These can all happen when pot is stored improperly. Picture it: You’ve just spent your hard-earned money on some premium green, you took time to choose it, you’ve made plans to use it, but then you let it get exposed to the elements: heat, moisture, sunlight, and oxygen, so now it’s crumbly from excessive dryness, or spongy from excessive moisture. You’ve not only ruined your aesthetic experience, you’ve messed with the taste and, more importantly, the potency of your smoke. What a waste! And just think, you could have prevented all that by using a CVault. CVaults are constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel with secure latches to keep the good stuff in and all the bad stuff out. Combine that with the included Boveda two-way humidity control pack and you have the perfect environment for maintaining the freshness and flavor of your California cannabis. CVaults are a great investment and very affordable when you take into account that they are built to last for years. Available in a wide variety of sizes that hold anywhere from 1/4 oz. to more than 5 lbs., there is a CVault perfect for you to provide the best storage option for the longest shelf life. CVault is the best of the best when it comes to California weed storage and is the ultimate California cannabis container on the market today.

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EVault: Cannabis Extract Storage in California

Just like FreshStor revolutionized the cannabis storage industry with their one-of-a-kind CVault, they took extract storage up a notch with the EVault: the secure and sanitary storage system designed for protection of cannabis distillates, isolates, oils, and powders. Manufactured from medical-grade 316 stainless steel, the EVault is designed as the ultimate storage system to retain terpenes, potency, and weight for years to come. Easy to clean and lovely to behold, the EVault protects whatever is placed inside it from humidity, excess light, and moisture, taking all the uncertainty out of product protection. Available in 2, 4, and 6 liter sizes, the EVault ensures that the active properties of powders, oils, and concentrates are maintained far beyond the typical shelf life, and they make spills practically impossible. EVault is an incomparable choice for your sanitary extract storage needs.

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CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in California

Californians love adventure, and wherever life may take you, there is no need to leave your cannabis behind. The CVault “twist” is the latest innovation from FreshStor, creators of the original CVault, and is every bit as fantastic. The CVault “twist” is like having California custom stash jars only better. A CVault “twist” gives you all the protection of the original CVault in an easily transportable and smaller size. Made with the same high-quality 304 stainless steel construction but with a new 3-nub twisting closure, the CVault “twist” is available in 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz sizes and is designed with an angled holder to secure the included Boveda pack for maximum humidity protection and ultimate freshness. The thick silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal to guarantee there’s no release of aroma until you open it up to enjoy. Nobody can see what you’re carrying and no one can smell it, making it the most discreet way to transport your California weed wherever you may go and a perfect on-the-go cannabis container.

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California Custom Stash Jars

Whether you are a cannabis connoisseur, a home grower, a small processor, or a large cultivator, the product line from FreshStor can be a game-changer when it comes to your cannabis storage needs. You deserve the best (and you can have it!) when you purchase an individual CVault, EVault, or Combo Pack and have it delivered right to you with a few clicks from the FreshStor website. Learn more about our white label and wholesale program.

Maybe you’re a glitzy and glamorous Hollywood star, or your home is in the state capital of Sacramento, or maybe you make your living up in Eureka or all the way down in San Diego; if cannabis is part of your lifestyle or part of your business, it’s time to take your cannabis storage to the next level. Treat yourself to the finest in cannabis protection and the ultimate cannabis storage solutions by purchasing a CVault or EVault from FreshStor today. We offer free shipping within the contiguous U.S. on orders over $100, making it easy to receive the premier cannabis storage containers known for no effort and no-thinking-required.