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CVault sat down with Johnny from The Bzz Box lockable cannabis storage to talk about the company’s awesome take on elevated cannabis storage solutions. In the interview, we talked about everything from work to cannabis and, of course, how CVault helps take Bzz Box over the top. 

Tell us a little about yourself – your background, what you were doing before Bzz Box lockable cannabis storage? 

I’ve been in the bar and restaurant industry for years. Just getting older, I’ve got kids, I didn’t want to be out late all the time. So I was looking for another option and cannabis became legal in Canada so I started to keep my ear to the ground and see if there was anything I could get involved in. I noticed that all my buddies were storing their cannabis and paraphernalia in shoeboxes and Tupperware containers. I was like this just is not that cool, there’s gotta be a better option out there. So I started to explore and I came up with the design for the first Bzz Box, it was a small Bzz Box. I got 300 of them to test it out, and I sold them. I sold them fast, within less than a month. I realized I was onto something and I came up with a couple more designs, ordered a much larger quantity and just started selling online and getting into the dispensaries.

So how did you come up with the idea for a sustainable and environmentally-conscious product like this? 

I just figured if you’re going to get involved in any sort of business, you gotta give back a little bit. And you definitely want to leave the world a little better than it was. Especially because I’ve got kids, I want to make sure they have a future in a beautiful world like we have. Bamboo is the choice of material because it’s 100% biodegradable. It absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than similar plants and it produces 35% more oxygen than other similar plants. Any fungal, any bacterial, and it grows to adult size in about three to five years. So, the other thing is we wanted to have a corporate social responsibility and there was a lot of news about bees and how bees’ numbers have been rapidly declining. So I figured it matched in nicely with the Bzz Box so we try to contribute in some way to the bees so that’s how our social contribution came about. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what’s going on with the bees? 

There are a couple of main reasons that the bees are dying off and number one is pesticides. They’re killing the bees. Habitat and climate change. Cities are pesticide-free because it’s an urban area so what I’m planning on doing is there’s a city in Holland called Utrecht and they’ve converted over 300 of their bus stops into bee stops. They put green roofing on the bus stop and put plant material like seedlings in there that the best can land. They can get water, take a rest, whatever they need to do. They are less likely to die now because they have a spot in urban areas. I’ve got all the designs for the bee stop and I’m trying to get one in London, Ontario which is my hometown. That’ll be our first one – our pilot project, and we’re going to expand from there. 

So, I heard there’s an option to upgrade from the jars in the Bzz Box to the CVault? 

Yeah, so, I love the CVault product. I pay attention to what is out there and I’m a huge fan of CVault. So I figured the jars that come with the box are nice, they have a bamboo lid, but if you want to upgrade [your lockable cannabis storage], you can. I designed the box to perfectly fit the medium 1-ounce CVault. I also made sure that the jars that come with the box are the same size because I know that there are people out there who will want to upgrade to the CVault and it looks so good. Metal containers in there are sharp! 

And stainless steel is a very sustainable resource as well. So, I saw on the website that you also do artist collaborations. Do you have any collaborations coming up? 

Yeah, we do. So basically I just feel there’s a lot of wicked artists out there and the lid of a Bzz Box is a real nice spot to put some slick artwork. So, we do a lid competition twice a year where we just have artists send in submissions. We pick one and UV print it on hundreds of Bzz Boxes. So, the next competition is coming up and the deadline will be June 21st, and we’ll have another lid.

Are you going to be doing any trade shows this year? 

Well, I definitely want to go to some trade shows. I just don’t know what’s going on with COVID. 

If you had advice for anyone joining the cannabis accessory side of the business, what would that be? 

I would say if you have a problem or you can solve a problem, that’s a good place to start. With the Bzz Box, the shoeboxes and Tupperware containers were an issue. Everyone’s stuff was getting knocked over and coming out of the bags. It was messy and unorganized. So if you have a problem and you can solve that problem, that’s probably a really great place to start.

Where can people find out more about your lockable cannabis storage products? 

Our website, that’s where you can check out all our different products. The We also have our Instagram page and our Facebook page. We’re in quite a few dispensaries as well, and we’re going to expand to the U.S.

So, we always like to close out the interview side of this with this question: if you could smoke with any 3 characters or people, alive or dead, who would they be and why? 

So, in my free time, I like to play bass guitar so I’d pick Eddie Van Halen (who just passed away), I would pick his brother Alex Van Halen, and David B. Roth, and just fill myself in as the bass player. 

To learn more about Bzz Box lockable cannabis storage, make sure to check out their site. And, to see more interviews, stay up to date on the latest from CVault and get news from the industry, follow along with the blog

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