CVault Containers Help to Increase Brand Awareness and Protect Your Product

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If your business cultivates cannabis or sells cannabis in a dispensary, chances are that you have some major priorities when it comes to ensuring the integrity of the products you sell. While there are many different packaging options available, it’s clear that one container stands above the rest in quality, efficiency and versatility, and that’s the line of CVault and EVault products from FreshStor. Let’s dive into the specifics of why the CVault is the best option for dispensaries and cultivators looking to protect the integrity of their cannabis and hemp flower products while also developing brand awareness. Learn more about how to buy CVault in bulk.

CVault’s technology protects the integrity of plant products

We’ve all seen the cannabis storage options that belong in the past. Plastic pop-top containers, clear glass jars or even worse, plastic bags. Not only do these options fail to keep cannabis flower fresh, but they actively participate in the degradation of the flower’s trichomes, terpenes and cannabinoids.

One of the biggest reasons glass jars or plastic containers fail the freshness test is because they don’t protect the flower from exposure to light and air oxidation

The CVault canisters have 3 important components that protect cannabis and hemp flower from degradation. First, they are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which keeps harmful light and sun rays from degrading the plant’s cannabinoids. 

The lid contains a slot made for Boveda® 62% 2-way humidity control packs, which prevent air oxidation, protect your product from mold or dehydration, and keep your trichomes intact. 

Lastly, the CVault has a seal-tight silicone ring embedded in the lid that keeps air out, and the scent and perfect humidity of your cannabis in. These features of the CVault protect the trichomes from drying out, which in turn also prevents them from disintegrating and becoming shake, which you will experience with other storage options. 

As a cultivator or dispensary owner, it’s not hard to figure out how the benefits of protecting your product can be translated into major cost savings and ensure your products maintain their quality in storage while they await sale.

How Utilizing CVaults Translate to Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the degree of familiarity consumers have regarding the distinctive qualities and imagery of your brand. Exposing patrons to your brand imagery is becoming even more important as cannabis becomes more widely accepted by the general public. Your brand should be top of mind when the time comes to purchase their product. One way you can do this is with a white-label CVault inventory. 

The CVault white label program for cultivators and dispensaries allows your brand to customize each canister with company branding. Not only does this allow for maximum exposure to brand imagery, but utilizing the CVault freshness technology sends a message that your business cares about maintaining the integrity and utmost purity of the product. Your customers expect a level of quality, which you can now confidently deliver every time.

CVault Storage Options for Dispensaries and Cultivators

There are a variety of capacity options available for both dispensaries and cultivators. If your dispensary has a deli-style system, you know that your containers will be opened and closed multiple times a day, potentially exposing your cannabis to light, air and contaminants which will quickly diminish the potency and freshness of the product you’re showcasing to your customers. 

By utilizing CVaults, you keep the quality of your product intact for much longer, allowing you to give your customers a real snapshot of the product they’ll be taking home. Storing the bulk of your flower in a large CVault also protects it from quickly degrading and ensures constant humidity at the perfect level. Smaller-sized options include:

  • ¼ oz/7g
  • ½ oz/14g
  • 1 oz/28g
  • 2 oz/56g

While the larger bulk CVault options come in these sizes: 

  • ¼ lb
  • ½ lb
  • 1 lb
  • 1 Kilo (2+ lb)
  • 5 lb

For cultivators, it’s of utmost importance that the product stays at its peak freshness, free of mold and packed with juicy trichomes as their harvest makes its way from the field, to the dispensary and into the hands of the consumer. When you buy CVault cultivator storage containers, you are not simply buying a vessel for storage, you are investing in the promise of quality and potency – the way your hard-working farmers intended it. 

Explore all the CVault cultivator flower storage options or personal CVault personal storage options on our shop page. Did you already buy CVault, but still looking to protect your extracts? Check out the EVault storage options to ensure secure and sanitary extract storage for distillates, isolates, oils and powders.

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