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At FreshStor, we work with a variety of companies and provide products that they can use in their day to day business. One such company that uses FreshStor products while supporting their clients is XABIS. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features the company offers and how they support their cannabis clients! They are a comprehensive cannabis processor that offers services to companies to help deliver cannabis consumables. They provide detailed assistance from conceptualization all the way to product delivery while also helping companies scale to meet demand and stay in compliance with state and local regulations. 

Help Setting Up Business 

One of the first steps that XABIS will help cannabis businesses with is setting up a business plan, getting licensed and designing the facility. The company has experience working in many jurisdictions and can help business owners learn everything they need to know prior to opening their cannabis business. XABIS can provide: 

  • Information on licensing requirements
  • Support throughout the licensing process
  • Plans detailing operations 
  • Specific information about all required equipment 
  • Facility requirements and design 

During this process, they can offer different levels of support depending on owner needs. This support can range from information about each process all the way to attending public hearings and interviews to assist owners.

Starting Business 

Phase 2 of support from XABIS involves getting the business ready to begin operations. The company will support owners and provide them with the help they need to have a workable layout and systems in place. This also involves providing owners with the equipment required for their specific processing.

Since businesses have complete control over this process, this step will look different for every business that XABIS works with. It can be as involved or as hands-off as each company needs.

Ongoing Support for Manufacturing and Extraction 

Companies that work with XABIS will receive continued support once their extraction and manufacturing business is operational. They provide comprehensive services including tracking, labeling and packaging products as well as submitting and retaining products. The company also helps businesses with standard operating procedures and supply chain operations. The services that they provide are truly comprehensive and cover all aspects of manufacturing and extraction.

Compliance Assurance

One of the most important things that cannabis companies can do is ensure that they are in compliance. Not only do companies need to stay in compliance with their state and local regulations but they must also ensure they are in compliance with OSHA guidelines. These guidelines and regulations can be extensive and may be difficult for businesses to follow if they are unsure of all the requirements on their own. XABIS understands these requirements and will help their clients meet the demands set in place. XABIS can also provide support for: 

  • IT compliance 
  • Hazardous operations compliance
  • GMP compliance

Being out of compliance with any rules and regulations can be a nightmare for cannabis businesses and can put their license at risk. Because of this, the company makes sure that they are providing expert support in these areas.


For many cannabis extraction and manufacturing operations, scalability is an issue. Even for companies that are able to meet compliance and licensing requirements, scaling their business to a point where it is profitable can become difficult in the cannabis industry. XABIS is familiar with the roadblocks that these businesses face and can help provide solutions for overcoming them. 

Expertise for Your Business 

As a cannabis processor, the company will make sure that they are able to provide your business with the highest level of integrity, honesty and expertise. They want to make sure that all the companies they work with are in compliance and able to grow their business to a more profitable point. One focal point of the company is that they provide the expertise while you provide the business. You’ll remain in control of your business process at all times and have the opportunity to choose which products you want to carry while XABIS does the heavy lifting. 

Even for those who are new to the cannabis industry, this unique opportunity provides a way to easily become profitable without selling themselves short when it comes to experience with cannabis manufacturing and extractions. Cannabis companies can benefit from having using a comprehensive approach like XABIS that will assist them through every step of the process. Manufacturing and extraction can be one of the biggest challenges for businesses that want to maintain stability and grow their business, and XABIS simplifies these processes.

At FreshStor, we’re able to meet the needs of nearly any cannabis company. From retail operations to extraction and manufacturing, cannabis businesses know the value of both the CVault and the EVault. Whether you’re a cannabis processor like XABIS, a retail operation or any other cannabis-related company, learn more about the benefits of using the world’s smartest storage container with no thinking required — CVault! 

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