Alabama Cannabis Storage

If you are looking for the best way to store your Alabama cannabis, look no further than Freshstor’s CVault. The CVault is the best airtight container in the industry, and works with cannabis laws in Alabama. Made of 304 food grain stainless steel, the CVault is able to lock in freshness and keep your product in pristine condition. Storing your cannabis, spices and extracts after the legalization in Alabama has never been easier with CVault.

EVault: Ideal Extract Storage For Alabama

Because the CVault is perfect for containing just your weed after the cannabis laws in Alabama have changed, FreshStor created the EVault for your extract storage in Alabama. Created with 316 pharma-grade stainless steel, the EVault is essential for containing your extracts, oils and distillate after the legalization in Alabama. Due to the high quality of the stainless steel, the EVault is designed to maintain the perfect environment for your extracts without having the potential for leaching of unwanted compounds ruining your hard work. If you are wanting to safely transport your kief or CBD oil after the legalization in Alabama, the EVault is the perfect choice!

The Perfect Pair: Boveda Humidity Packs

The change in cannabis laws in Alabama has also created a change in structure for both the CVault and EVault. Pairing perfectly with each vault, Boveda Humidity packs help maintain the perfect environment for your Alabama cannabis and extracts. The custom designed pocket for the Boveda pack allows the pack to work its magic while not impacting the product within the CVault or EVault. The air tight barrier created by each vault’s seal in addition to the humidity controlled Boveda packs will help prevent unnecessary shake, a loss of trichomes and degradation of your product all while also keeping mold and fungi away.

cvault storage containers

Reassurance in Many Ways

The legalization and the changing cannabis laws in Alabama have put many recreational users in a state of euphoria, yet scrambling to make sure to protect their cannabis at all times. With FreshStor’s vaults and partnering with Boveda humidity packs, all of your worries are taken away. The structure of the vaults are proven to stay intact and the perfect environment for your cannabis no matter the circumstances – even if you drop it! Be reassured that purchasing a CVault for your cannabis product is the best and safest way to protect your cannabis.

cvault storage containers

Exquisite Protection with Easy Maintenance

If you want to ensure an extended life of your CVault or EVault, make sure to keep it properly cleaned. Luckily, the steps to do so are incredibly simple and quick to accomplish. As a preface, it is always important to wash your vaults before and after each use to maintain the integrity of the vault as well as your cannabis or oil.

To wash both the CVault and EVault containers, use warm water with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Rinse the vault until the warm water runs clear. Finally, use a clean soft cloth to dry the inside and outside of the vault fully. Make entirely sure that there is no moisture on either side of the vault.

It is important to note that using any abrasive cleaning product or cloth will likely damage the vault and cause issues with the integrity of your product. If you do, however, need to remove a hard set-in stain, FreshStor recommends using a mixture of baking soda and water and gently rubbing the area until it is clean.

If you are needing to quickly clean your vault, you can wipe down both inside and outside with an isopropyl alcohol wipe. Again, it is imperative to make sure the vault is completely dry after wiping. Failing to do so will result in the potential breeding ground for mold and fungi to invade your Alabama cannabis or extracts.

With this super quick and minimal effort cleaning process, it will be a breeze to keep your vaults clean and your product active after the legalization in Alabama. Extending the lifetime of your vault as well as the product quality of your Alabama cannabis will provide you with happiness all around.

cvault storage containers

CVault: The Best Container For Your Alabama Cannabis

Due to the cannabis laws in Alabama, it is important to keep your product safe, secure and away from potential humidity harm. CVault and EVault are not only the best choice for airtight cannabis containers, but they are very reasonably priced for your needs. Whether you are an individual using the vaults for your personal Alabama cannabis or a producer using the EVaults to transfer your dried materials, FreshStor’s containers are the best choice on the market.

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