Reasons to Use CVault and EVault as Dispensary Containers

airtight dispensary containers | stainless steel humidity controlled storage container

Storage solutions in a dispensary can be complicated. It’s important to make sure that the containers you use are able to protect your products without damage before you sell them. With airtight dispensary containers, you can store your products in the best way possible while maintaining the quality your customers expect.

Customer Preferences 

Going into a dispensary that reeks can be an off-putting experience for anyone but is especially hard for customers who are not used to the smell. While there’s no way around completely eliminating strong smells in your dispensary, when you store your products in airtight dispensary containers, it can help reduce the smell. Of course, you’ll still have some residual smell from packing products and when you open the containers up to sell, but you’ll also notice an immediate difference when you make the switch.

Important for Potency 

It’s important to make sure you’re storing your products to protect their potency. Whether you’re storing your solids in a CVault or your extracts in an EVault, you’ll be able to make sure the potency in your product remains intact. For most products, certain levels of protection from air, moisture, and environmental factors are recommended to keep them as potent as possible. This is especially important if you sell several different products that maintain different levels of potency. Your customers will be able to better enjoy your products when you are able to provide them with accurate potency information.

The Freshness Factor

If the products you offer in your dispensary are fresh, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the industry. When consumers visit dispensaries, they are looking for the freshest products. Keeping everything in airtight dispensary containers allows you to maintain that freshness. Additionally, you may even be able to extend the shelf life of your products, eliminating waste and allowing for more profit long-term.

Keeping Everything Together

When you store your products in traditional containers, you run the risk of them being damaged by light, moisture, air, or even crushed. While an airtight dispensary container doesn’t provide extra cushioning, it goes a long way in preventing your products from being smashed. CVault containers protect your flower by keeping it in its original condition.

An airtight container may also be able to help prevent some movement of products that are stored together. If your products regularly get mixed, it’s time to start considering different storage options!

Humidity Protection 

Keeping the moisture level stable for your flower products is critical when it comes to quality and potency. Moisture is one of the biggest issues in dispensaries and this is especially true if your dispensary is in a climate where there’s a lot of moisture naturally in the air. If you notice that your products are sticking together or they’re losing freshness at a quicker pace, you can improve them by making sure they are not exposed to any moisture.

Additionally, if your product dries out, it also won’t be desirable to your client. The use of CVault containers, combined with our Boveda humidity packs, can reduce the likelihood of excess moisture exposure or the risk of your product drying out. That means your product will remain fresh and your customers will be satisfied.

Keeping Strains Separate

As a dispensary owner, you likely have several different strains in your store. Many strains have different levels of potency and even chemical makeups. It’s important that you keep these strains separate so their flavor isn’t affected. Separating products with simple storage solutions is often not enough to protect their potency. This is especially true if you have very strong strains or products with in-depth flavors. Airtight dispensary containers are the best way to keep the strains separate. If you have your products in airtight containers, the flavor profiles will not mix, and you’ll be able to keep the focus on the potency and flavors of each product.

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