About CVault

The World’s Smartest Curing and Storage Container, No Thinking Required!

Welcome to CVault, a division of FreshStor! CVault is perfect for cannabis storage, is manufactured with food-grade stainless steel and powered by Boveda’s two-way humidity control pack.

The combination of the reliable CVault storage container and Boveda humidity packs creates the perfect environment for curing and/or storing your flower. Your flower will be maintained at its ideal moisture level throughout its intended lifespan. Consider using your CVault for storing tobacco, herbs and other plant material.

Cleaning the CVault is simple: put it in the dishwasher or use dish soap and warm water. Once the container is clean, dry completely with a soft cloth. Note: abrasive materials will scratch the CVault.

When exposed to humidity, moisture and excess light, many compounds degrade and end up losing their potency. The CVault has secure latches which makes it the perfect option for storing your flower bud, herbs, or tobacco.

When you use the proper cannabis storage system, your plant materials will be able to stand the test of time. The CVault provides a safe and secure storage option, which means the active properties of your flower bud will be well protected.


The World’s Smartest Cannabis Storage Container, No Thinking Required!

CVault stainless steel storage containers are available in a wide range of sizes. Check out our container shop to find just the right size for your flower bud stash, from small containers designed for personal use to those much larger containers for transporters, cultivators and more.

Want more information on our products and success and tips for successful use? Check out the CVault blog. It’s full of resources including details about how CVault is no ordinary stash storage container and the top reasons your extract belongs in a 316-grade steel EVault. Not to mention, we provide tips for using those alternatives if you just aren’t ready to make the purchase. 


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